Must See Netflix Original Christmas Movies


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    Happy Blogmas Day 1

    You guys, It is finally here. Blogmas!!! This is my first year participating and I am also happy to announce that I have collaborated with some other blogger friends on this post. We are all excited to share our Favorite Holiday Movies with you all. Be sure to read this whole post before you click on the other bloggers links.

    Christmas is literally my favorite holiday and I am obsessed with everything that has to do with it. Whether it be Christmas decorations, holiday desserts, the semi cold weather(I live in Florida lol), or the music. I am here for it okay?! One thing I know for sure, is that I am going to binge watch ALL the holiday classics and even the new ones that I have grown to love. The fact that I can stream them at anytime is icing on the cake. I am going to  put you on to some holiday movies that I recommend you watch this season with your loved ones or by yourself and you can thank me later because I know you will, especially if you haven't seen some of the movies that I'm going to tell you about. 


1) Holidate (2020)

This movie is a comedy romantic film. It's about two single strangers, Sloane played by Emma Roberts and Jackson played by Luke Bracey who agree to be each others dates only for holidays with no strings attached to actually falling for each other at the end. 

2) The Holiday Calendar (2018)

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix. This is a real romantic movie. It's about two photographers Abby played by Kat Graham and Josh played by Quincy Brown who are best friends and their future is predicted by an advent calendar. It's a must see!

3) The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

This is a tear jerker. This is a movie about a brother and sister Kate and Teddy Pierce played by Darby Camp and Judah Lewis. Kate has a brilliant idea to capture Santa deliver their gifts but end up getting more which also conflicts with Santa delivering all of the gifts to the other children. Santa and the siblings spend a wild and crazy night together to save the holidays before its too late.

4) The Christmas Chronicles (2020)


This movie is pretty self explanatory. It's a continuation from part one of the film. The characters are the  same. Disclaimer: You must watch part one before watching this to understand what is happening.

5) Jingle Jangle (2020)


I was very tuned in when I watched this movie. I was never a fan of musicals, but this one especially with a black cast really kept my attention. This movie is a about having faith, hope, and the power of believing that miracles can happen.

   What are your favorite holiday movies? Also, be sure to check out these bloggers "Favorite Holiday Movies" below. 

Later Love Bugs,
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Over 15 Creative Blogmas Post Ideas For Every Blogger | Holiday Edition


    It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

    Hey everyone, can you believe Thanksgiving is already gone and Christmas is literally right around the corner? There is so much to do with so little time to prepare right? I am hearing all about "vlogmas" and I'm like what about us Bloggers? I know blogging can be very intimidating especially when our world is mostly videos ahhhhh! But, blogging can be interesting and worth the read if you prepare ahead of time. Don't feel pressured into doing "Blogmas" if time does not permit. It does take a lot of work. happy Oh and happy writing to the participants of Blogmas. I have written some Blogmas Post Ideas for every blogger and niche to think of.... I can't wait to also read your writing!

   Christmas Blog Posts For The Lifestyle Blogger

1) Favorite Holiday Playlist

2) Christmas Traditions

3) Favorite Holiday Movies

4) Holiday Git Guide For Kids, Teens, Men, And Women

5) Christmas Events To Do In Your City

6) How To Be Less Stressed This Time Of Year

7) Self Care Tips And Tricks During The Winter Months

8) How To Budget Money During The Holiday Madness

9) 10 Days Of Gratitude In Your Journal 

10) How To Plan The Most Talked About Christmas Party 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Fashion Blogger

1) Best Places To Shop Both In-Store And Online

2) Christmas Eve And Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

3) Newest Fashion Pieces This Holiday Season

4) How To Stay Warm But Still Fashionable 

5) Christmas Themed Look Book (Day and Night Edition)

6) Collaborate With Other Fashion Bloggers

7) Ugly Sweater Ideas 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Food Blogger

1) Favorite Holiday Desserts For The Family

2) Share A Traditional Christmas Meal Recipe 

3) Restaurants To Go To If You Don't Feel Like Cooking Christmas Dinner

4) Gift Ideas For The Food Blogger In Your Life

5) Delicious Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks 

6) Crockpot Recipes For A Cold Winter Day/Night

7) How To Make Soft And Chewy Christmas Sugar Cookies

8) Vegetarian Meal Ideas This Holiday Season

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Beauty Blogger

1) Top 5 Lipsticks To Wear This Season 

2) Cute Festive Nail Designs To Rock 

3) Favorite Luxury Holiday Perfume Scents For Her

4) Favorite Luxury Holiday Cologne Scents For Him

5) 3 Essential Makeup Items To Get That Holiday Beat

6) Winter Skin Care Routine

7) What Is On Every Beauty Bloggers Christmas Wish List This Year?

8) How To Keep Skin Moisturized During The Cold Weather

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Mommy/Daddy Blogger

1) Favorite Christmas Songs For Kids

2) Family Photo Shoot Ideas

3) Favorite Childhood Memories

4) DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents

5) DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

6) Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

7) Best Places To Shop For Christmas Decor 

8) Fun Arts And Craft Activities To Do At Home As A Family

9) Non-Messy Treats To Bake With Your Kids

10) Reindeer Food Recipe  

11) How To Explain The True Meaning Of Christmas To Your Kids 

        Remember the whole month of December is open for ideas. You work your schedule on how you want to do it. I will be collaborating with other bloggers during "Blogmas", stay tuned for their links in upcoming posts. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

I will do 12 Days of Blogmas starting on December 12th :) 

This Is A Must Read! November's Book Of the Month Review "Buy Yourself The F****** Lilies"


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    Have you ever read a book and felt connected by almost every page?

    If you answered yes, then I highly recommend this book to you. Buy Yourself The F****** Lilies is a book that you can't stop reading. It's a self help/ reflection on the life of a young woman named Tara Schuster who decided to shift her mindset from all negative situations into positive ones. This book is a good read because anyone can resonate from it. We all deal with things in our lives, but it's up to us to either deal with it or make some changes to fix them.

    Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude

    One thing that I can say was very consistent in this book, was the fact that she kept talking about gratitude. She even made it a point to say "try and fake" gratitude until we actually feel it. I love that she expressed showing gratitude. We often fall very short of giving it. It can be something as simple as thanking God for allowing us to wake up and see a new day, or even thanking God for the sun that allows us to receive free vitamin D. 

    Self Love. Self Care. Reflection

    This book also gives tips and strategies on how to incorporate self care, self love, and reflection into your daily life. It helps you navigate through issues even from as early as childhood to see where patterns arise. I think that is dope! Sadly, majority of our negative thoughts comes from within. We are our biggest critics and also we are the frenemies within.

    Grab your copy. You won't regret it!

    I don't want to spill too much tea on this book. If you want to learn some strategies and also be reminded that you are not alone in this shining your mindset journey, I suggest you order this book right now. Buy Yourself The F****** Lilies 

    Shameless plug... I've also written a self help eBook that empowers women to step out of their comfort zone and take that leap of faith I also share tips and tricks on how to deal with life's everyday struggles. I tell it like it is in this eBook. you can purchase it here You Got This Girl!!!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Holiday Gift Guide For Boys and Girls


       Before you know it, Christmas will be here and if you have young kids then I am pretty sure they already made a list for "Santa" or been telling you what they want. Now, I have a 7 year old girl so creating a gift guide for girls wasn't too hard. Like I said before, you know your child and what interests them, the items in this guide was the "popular" items that I seen that was trending online. Also, if you are a "Boy Mom" my apologies lol, I don't know what else to add to the guide for boys so I hope these items were not too "cliche" lol


Friendship Bracelet Kit

    I don't know about you but everything with my youngest daughter is "friend this" "friend that" so I thought a "friendship bracelet kit" would be ideal.They can create different color pattern bracelet that matches their friends style/personality. This can help them with their creativity and fine motor skills as well.You can find these on Amazon, Target, Walmart, or your local craft store.


Nail Art Kit 

    This is another one I am pretty sure these girls will love. They can create their own designs and as moms, we don't have to worry if they look too grown because these are "kiddie friendly"I remember having something similar to this when I was younger. I think you can find these at the same places I stated above for the friendship bracelets.


Basketball/Connect  Four Game

   This game looks pretty cool. I don't know the exact name, but to me it looks like a basketball/connect four game in one. You have to make sure to shoot the ball in the basket and get the same colors in a row like connect four. 

Tool Set
    What young boy does not want a tool set like their daddy, grandpa, or uncle right? I thought this was super cute because they can use their imagination around the house and act as if they are building something. This can be found at your local toy or retail store. 

    Transforming Robot

    What is it with boys and robots? Even in the classroom, I always heard them talk about robots lol. So when I seen this robot that can also transform, I was like "how cool is this" I think any boy would want to add this to their collection. 

    Unisex Gifts

    Kinetic Sand
    This thing is so satisfying, it looks like sand and playdoh, but has a soft squishy texture. It's super calming in my opinion. You can purchase these on amazon and buy little toys to go in there like mini dinosaurs for the boys and mini princesses for the girls. You can find the set hat has a "sand castle" included. The creativeness is unlimited!

    Nintendo Switch

     Great thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it was made for both girls and boys. If your daughter likes "Pink" she would love the Pink Switch, if your son likes "blue" then you can snag that color for him. Another plus is the variety and genres of games. So you won't have a hard time with finding out which game suits your child. This is a great gift! These can be pricey though. I would look around for the Black Friday deals.

    *I also believe in monetary gifts too. I always give my girls money with their gifts and they know half is saved and the other half can be spent. Another option is that you can open up a savings account or give them money to invest in companies such as McDonald's or Disney (Trust Me) they may not understand now, but it will all make sense when they get older.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Trending Holiday Gift Guide For a Tween Girl


    The holiday season has officially begun...

        If you are like me, then you like to shop early. My girls are getting older and they no longer want toys. I am almost sure that everything they want this year is on this guide. The past couple of months we have been to different stores and I would always catch them eyeing something... and of course the mommy in me took a "mental note" If you are shopping for a girl between the age of 10+ this post is for you. 

    Tween years is that awkward stage where they are still considered a young kid but still feel like a teen but not quite at that age yet. My oldest daughter falls into that category. I have to remind her that she is still a little too young for certain things that she wants. This guide that I created seems appropriate for girls around this stage.

    Mini Waffle Maker

    These are the cutest little gadgets I have ever seen. You can find these at your local Target, Walmart, or even amazon for the low low.

    Plush Throw Blanket

    What tween isn't going to like a plush throw blanket? They can use it on their bed or even on the couch while they are watching a movie. I am obsessed with these. 

    Apple AirPods

    These are on the bit of the pricier side, however, you can snag good deals around black Friday. I would keep an eye out on the black Friday ads. They should already be out if not maybe in a week or so. 

    Victoria Secret Pink 

    What I like about Pink is that it's kind of a one stop shop. You can get clothing, cute accessories, Water bottles, fluffy slippers, and beauty items such as lotions, spray mists and the list goes on. This store can get pricey as well but they usually have a good sale or promotion. 

    Fujifilm Instax Camera & Film

    This camera has been a hit for awhile now especially on Youtube with these teens promoting it. I have seen these at Target. I also know Walmart will be having a bundle sale which includes the camera and film for Black Friday. They also have a variety of colors.

    Bath Bombs

    Bath bombs are something that these girls will never get tired of using. You can snag these anywhere! I suggest anything fruity and colorful. Be careful when purchasing from a cheap place because I hear they stain the tub. 

        Of course there is a whole lot of things out there. You know your kids and what they would like. I just wanted to be a little help to jump start your early shopping. I will also have three other Holiday Gift Guide posts for little kids, men, and women. So stay tuned for that. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


How To Plan a Productive Day


    How To Plan a Productive Day...

  Ever had a day where you felt as though your "to do list" was super long, and you had no idea on how you would accomplish it all on one day? Or how about the feeling of not checking off everything on your list and you end up downing yourself and remain in an all day funk? Well, I'm here to tell you that I have been there and quite honestly, I am still trying to figure this thing out. 

    There is a feeling of happiness and wholeness when you get all the things done on your list. However, that does not mean you are a failure or anything like that if you don't complete each task. I think it's a learning experience that just shows that you should prioritize your list according to importance. In my worksheet that I created, you can have a glance of your day and your tasks as well by "priority" to "It can wait until tomorrow" This printable is ideal for a "pen and paper" person or the person that likes to have a plan for everything. 

    How to maintain a productive day?

   Have a clean space

    I find myself to be more productive and motivated when my space is clean and clear of clutter. I love to have everything in it's right place and my place smelling clean. When your space is messy, your motivation to do anything is low. 

    Create categories for your task

    This is very important to follow because it will help you with your time management as well. I would write the tasks down starting from the important ones first and goo down the list. 

    Set a timer or alarm on your phone or watch

    I usually do this when I am cleaning. I don't spend no more than 1 1/2 hours top to clean. my whole place. If everything is not done, then I will finish it the next day. If this happens to you, don't get upset, grant yourself grace for at least starting the task. 

    Silence phone notifications and/or social media 

    We are all guilty of this, when we tend to feel a little overwhelmed with our tasks etc, we end to gravitate towards our phone and next thing we know, we are on Instagram and Tis Tok just scrolling and liking pictures. When we could have been finishing that "important" task. 

    Take a break

    If you have been working for hours take frequent 5 to 10 minute breaks. Stretch your body. Grab a quick snack from the kitchen and resume. When you are working your 9-5 don't you take breaks? Exactly, you should do it as well. Being productive does not mean overworking yourself. You can do it!!!!

Click here to download the To Do List Freebie Printable

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

3 Warning Signs To Look For When Feeling Overwhelmed


    Feeling Overwhelmed?

    As a woman that wears many hats, I can be the first to tell you that I get quite overwhelmed with almost everything. Especially if it is something that I can't control. People can tell us that we need to take a break or relax until their face turns blue, but of course we don't listen lol. That is until our body tells us right? I know when I'm starting to get overwhelmed because my heart starts racing, I get a headache, and EVERYTHING irritates me it can also be anxiety lol. There are plenty of signs to look for when you start feeling overwhelmed, but I included the top 3 that I believe to be no brainers.

    1) You Start Feeling Stressed Out

    Some of us have husbands, kids, work outside the home, have our own business, take care of our family and the list goes on... all of those things can cause some serious stress. If you are constantly finding yourself overthinking things and getting upset when things don't go as planned, it's time to step back for a little. It could be for an hour or two or hell, take the rest of the day off. Your mental state ALWAYS comes first. 

    2) Exhaustion and Lack of Energy

    You are doing so much and caffeine does wear off. What now? You should not let yourself get to this point because low energy and exhaustion is serious. Being exhausted is like sleeping for 8 hours, waking up and still feeling tired like you never slept. If you ever get to that point, I suggest taking time off from work for maybe 2 days and just take a mental break from it all. If you have kids, ask someone to watch them for 2 days. If you have a spouse, ask them to take care of home for 2 days while you rejuvenate your MENTAL STATE.  If you don't, you can get sick, which leads me to the 3rd warning sign.

    3) You Can Get Sick

    This is very important, because being overwhelmed, depressed, having anxiety, etc can cause your body to shut down and open up to sicknesses. Such as a cold, fever, body aches etc Your body will have a hard time fighting it because it already crashed and now, you are too weak to even take care of yourself and all of this could've been avoided if you took a break once you felt overwhelmed.

    The bottom line is take breaks when needed. Who cares if your employer, teacher or whoever gets upset. In order for you to pour unto others, you need to pour into yourself first. What are some warning signs that you need to take a break?



Yummy Fall Treat | Caramel Apple Crescent Rolls



    It is Fall time and I am here for it. Living in Florida, it is kind of hard to fully enjoy it because the weather does not change that much. However, I make the best of it buy purchasing a few things to bring the season to life in my household lol. Along with decor and "Fall outfits" I like to bake homemade Fall treats. The aroma of anything "Pumpkin, Chai, Apple, or Cinnamon just makes me feel "Fall" I am always on the hunt for new recipes and I found one on Pinterest that looked really yummy. 

    This dessert is called "Caramel Apple Crescent Rolls" and the best part about making this is that it does not require a lot of ingredients. Everything I purchased, was less than $20 at Publix and I am pretty sure you can find these items at any grocery store.  

    This recipe calls for simple ingredients. They are very expensive too.

You will need
-Apple Pie Filling & Topping
-Ground Cinnamon
-Hershey's Caramel Syrup
-Original Crescents

    I love doing things with my daughters and they enjoy cooking and baking too. So, when I told them that I wanted to try this dessert for Fall, they were game. 

First things first, you will roll out the crescent rolls. They can make 8 rolls by the way. 
    Next, you will place 2-3 Apple filling on each crescent roll. 

    Then, once you're done filling each crescent roll with apple filling, you will then roll up the crescents like the photo above. After you have rolled each one you will place them on a non-stick pan or a glass baking dish like I have. After placing each Crescent roll on the baking dish or pan, you will then drizzle caramel syrup on the rolls. You can put as much or as little as you like. After that, you will sprinkle a small amount of ground cinnamon (Not too much). 

    Now it is time to place these babies in the oven. I had preheated my oven at 400 while I prepped. However, once I placed them in the oven, I lowered it to 350. I let them bake for about 15 minutes. At this point, you can eye ball it. When it's a golden brown color, you can take them out. 


        We let these bad boys cool off for 5 minutes and we tried it. Let's just say, our whole place smelled like apple pie and this dessert tasted like a mini apple pie. I highly recommend this treat. If you have kids, they will definitely enjoy making and eating this treat. If you try this recipe, take pictures and tag me on instagram @Elizabethjacasblogs. I would love to see them.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

4 Self Care Tips for a Busy Mom and Wife| Lifestyle Blog


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    The role of a mom and wife is not just those titles alone. We wear many hats and play major roles in our children and spouse's lives. We get tired, but we still take care of our families and home. I don't know about you all, but I take self care very seriously and I make it a priority too. Self care doesn't necessarily mean getting a massage or doing your nails. It is more of a mental and well being situation. Below, I have listed 4 self care tips for the busy mom and wife... Enjoy!!!!

Self Care Tip #1- Mediate/Journal

    I am an advocate for meditating and journaling. There is something so soothing about sitting in silence and getting in tuned with your mind and soul. Throughout the day, we are constantly thinking about everything and we are constantly on the move... We have to set a time and a quiet place to just unwind and release. My quiet time and place is either early mornings or late nights on my patio and I just sit in peace and just journal. In my journal, I write down all of my thoughts and feelings, I jot down my dreams and goals. I love writing and it just brings me joy and I feel a weight is lifted off my shoulders after I pour my heart out.

Self Care Tip #2- Bath/Hot Shower

    I know some people might have either a bath tub or stand up shower, either way, It is very calming to take a hot bubble bath or a hot shower. For me, it releases stress and the muscle aches that are caused by it. For a bubble bath or shower, I recommend using either lavender or Eucalyptus scented bath soaps those scents are great stress relievers. Body sugar scrubs are also great too. They can help with dry skin and makes your skin feel super smooth. When you are clean and refreshed, your mind also feels refreshed. 

Self Care Tip #3- Stay in Bed!!!!

This tip has to be one of my favorites. There are some days where I just stay in bed and do absolutely NOTHING. Your body will tell you when to take that break. Do not feel bad, your kids and hubby will be A ok!!! lol. I know us boss moms are not getting a full 8 hour sleep even though we want to it's just not realistic at times. Sis, when you feel exhausted or mentally/physically drained close that bedroom door and lay on that bed. You won't regret it. 

Self Care Tip #4- Read or Listen to your Favorite Book

    Writing and reading has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy it to the fullest. I like reading books that are motivational and inspiring. I believe in feeding my mind positive and motivational things. I know we are super busy, so I set at least 30 minutes a day to read a book. If not 30 minutes, I make time to at least read one chapter a day. Right now I am currently reading "Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies" and it is inspiring. I will link the book below if you want to read it.

I hope these 4 tips help you with your self care journey!!!!

 Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who's Been There

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable



    It is September 1st. Can you believe it? The year is almost over. I have been on Instagram and this year alone, I have seen so many people invest in themselves. I have seen so many people either quit their jobs or leave from full-time to part-time to work on their businesses. It is truly inspiring to see. After seeing all of that, It made me wonder about what I am doing and my dreams. I am so happy and content with what I am planning on doing. One thing I do know is that although this is where I want to be because I know the outcome will be amazing, It is very uncomfortable because I am sacrificing things. However, I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    Sometimes, we have to place ourselves in an uncomfortable situation just to be successful later on. Being uncomfortable doesn't necessarily mean that it will hurt you, it's just that you may have to do some things that may require you to feel uneasy. Such as, going to sleep late, waking up super early, doing countless research on what it is you are working on and the list goes on. On my podcast, Elizabeth Jacas Blogs Podcast, I speak about being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable it's a great listen and I drop some amazing gems. This link is on anchor fm, If you have Spotify, this would be the link to the podcast, Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

    As always, thank you for your continued support. I have many other projects up my sleeve and I have something for you guys really soon. Let's crush September and meet all of our goals.

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

3 Signs That You Need A Social Media Detox or Break


 Social media is definitely bigger than it has ever been. The fact that more and more people are quitting their 9-5's to pursue their own businesses and using social media as a marketing tool is amazing. There is going to be a time where there's going to be a shortage of staff everywhere because people do not want to work for anyone but themselves. I feel like everyone should own something. I can't wait to see how far social media takes their future. 

    Although there are good things that come from social media, it can also deteriorate your mental health. You really have to be mindful of how much of it you consume on the daily. Even if you use it for marketing and/or business, you still need to take breaks from all of it. Of course, I don't know which reader is taking accord of what I am saying, you might not even use social media for business, You might just use it for networking or catching up with old friends and family. YOU TOO need a break sometimes. Here a 3 signs that might let you know its time to take a social media break or detox.

3 signs that you need a break or detox from social media

  • Screen time- I'm not sure about Androids, but I know with the iPhone, there is a screen time overview. If I'm not mistaken you get a weekly overview of how long you were on your phone. It also breaks down what you were doing on your phone. Such as, social media activity, internet activity, games, etc. I like this feature, because it shows me how long I am on social media. If you notice on your screen time that you're on social media for hours everyday.... Then it's time to start lowering that time. Other things could've been done within that time frame. Use all of your time wisely doing something productive, spending time with family, or just getting some much needed rest.

  • Comparison- I wrote a previous blog post on comparison. Check it out here Breaking Free From Comparison if you find yourself comparing other peoples lives to yours and you feel down about it or even jealous... LOG OFF right away, it is not healthy. Remember, everyone has a story or a testament. You never know what people went through or are going through. It's not a good idea to compare. No one is the same. From a business aspect, even if you are selling or promoting the same product or content, don't fret. You are unique and offer something they don't.

  • You Don't Live In The Moment-  I have seen this plenty of times where people are out somewhere ex. Disney world lol and want to do a video for social media and they are not living in the moment. I get it... content. However, sometimes things need to be more personal if that makes sense. If you catch yourself always wanting to take out your phone when you are out enjoying life with your loved ones, try and practice not doing it so much. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jaca

It's Almost Time For Back To School (Let's Get Back On Track)



    Hey Moms, Can you believe it is almost time to send our kiddos back to school? I can't believe how fast this summer has come and gone. I can truly say I enjoyed the time home with my girls. We are usually at summer camp and work all summer. So, I am grateful that I was not employed and my girls HAD an option of staying home or going. I did not force them to go to camp. 

     I wanted to help any moms out there that are having a hard time with transitioning back to a schedule with their kiddos. I have been having a hard time with sleep schedules. We are all messed up lol. We are going to bed around 4am and waking up in the wee hours in the afternoon, unless we have prior engagements. (Don't judge me) I can't have us like this weeks before school starts. We will be tired come the first day of school. 

    Since school starts in the beginning of August, I am going to start placing the whole family on schedule. Now, I know going to sleep early will be hard. So what I plan on doing is first thing in the morning, EVERYONE is going to wake up. 8am will be the time and 8:15am will be the latest. I will do this everyday for the rest of summer so that we can all get our bodies and minds adjusted. 

     This is also the time where I go over expectations and just refreshing their memories. This is is the first year where I did not have them do any summer work, read, or anything educational. I know some of you might say "wow and you are a teacher?" Yes, so lol... I believe kids need to be kids. My girls schooling was crazy since March 2020. My girls deserve ALL the fun and no responsibilities at least for one summer. I would periodically ask them to spell something as a game but that's about it. 

    The next couple of days will consist of back to school shopping, fun, more back to school shopping and just enjoying each other before the craziness during the school and work week starts back. The next couple of posts will be all about back to school. Hope you all stick around

    What are some ways you are getting your kiddos back into the groove of things before school starts back? 

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Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas




    Everyone has their own interpretations of the term "Friendship" I know some people that call everyone their friend. I also know some people who calls everyone their associate.

    When I was younger, I used the term friendship very loosely and  I am pretty sure most of you used it too (It was cool back then). I think coming from a younger perspective, it was about being accepted and just surrounded by people all the time.  I often associated having a lot of friends with being popular. Which most kids want to be right?

    I also believe that when you reach a certain point in your life and I am not only referring to "age" because some individuals do not mature with age(let's be realistic). I think our views and mindsets change when we go through different stages in life. For example, I did not realize having a lot of friends was not good for me until my senior year in high school. I noticed I was getting into situations, I had no business getting into. I started distancing myself from a few people. You ever heard the saying " You are who you hang out with" or "Guilty by association" Yup, those are some strong sayings lol. 

    It is imperative to surround yourself with people who will uplift you and bring you joy, not drama. If someone in your circle is not pushing you to do better or you are not inspired by them...hmmmm I think that friendship needs to be reevaluated. If the friendship is one-sided where you catch yourself always making the first move to send a text or call then that person does NOT value your friendship and does not care to make time for you. I get it, we are all busy, but we can make time to send a "hey, just checking in" message and that literally can be it. For those in the back SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT COUNT! lol

    Your friendships should be based on quality and no quantity. I rather have one real friend than a group of fake ones(make sense?). If you have at least one area one on your team, thank God for them. Pray over them and your friendship. I have to guard myself because of some people I let in that shouldn't have stayed in my life past their season. You will know if your friend(s) is truly genuine. Discernment is no joke. Red flags will always appear. I created kind of like a "table" of "How to spot a friend" and "How to spot a "not so much" friend" lol below. 

How To Spot a Real Friend
  • Motivates and inspires you to do better
  • Values your friendship
  • Celebrates your wins with you and is truly happy for you
  • Will tell you the truth no matter what
  • Makes time for you
  • Supports you and your ideas
  • There for good and bad times
  • Has your back in front of you and when you are not around
    (This also goes both ways, remember that)

How To Spot a Fake Friend

Add "DOES NOT" in front of all the things on "How to spot a real friend" lol Period! ex. "DOES NOT motivate or inspire you to do better"

    I have a Podcast now and the majority of the episodes will be from the blogs I have posted and will post in the future. 

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Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Easy Tips On How To Shift Your Mindset



Want to shift that mindset?

    Hey everyone life has a way of making us feel good one day and bad the next. It's not a big issue because let's be real..."LIFE HAPPENS" everyone goes through ups and downs. I struggle with this as well. Who wants to be in a "happy go lucky" mood if something bad happens or doesn't go your way? 

    However, I have learned that being in that negative mind frame for a long period of time can in fact mess you up in the long run. You ever heard of doing something everyday for 21 days straight will most likely become a normal habit for you? Imagine being in a funk for 21 days straight... 9/10 that will be your new normal. I remember I use to get upset and be in a mood. Everything irritated me. Then I started getting headaches and feeling somewhat depressed. It also started affecting my relationships with people. As I've gotten older and did my share of mental health research, I have noticed that we can shift our minds. I believe we have control. The thing is we have to have DISCIPLINE. That means, we have to be strong minded when we want to get back to that positive mindset. It's easier to be upset and negative than to be happy and positive. TRUST ME! 

Here's how to shift that mindset

  • Show Gratitude - Often times, life's issues can get the best of us. For example, lack of finances, stress at home, stress in the workplace, relationship/marriage issues, sickness, death etc...Because we all deal with things and get in a depressing state about them, we forget to be grateful for WHAT WE DO HAVE in our lives. With every bad situation, there is also a good outcome. 

  • Be Mindful of What You Attract- The people you hang around, the content you look at on social media, the shows you watch, and even the music you listen too can put you in a negative mindset. Feed your mind good things. Just like how they tell us feed our bodies healthy foods because if we consume too many bad things, eventually we will not feel good right? Same thing goes for our minds. Imagine watching the news all day with all that negative energy and then go on social media and see nothing but drama and reading about bad things. I don' think you would feel good mentally. I personally don't watch the news because it messes with my mind. My husband knows how much that bothers me. 

  • Talk Yourself Out of It- I know that sounds crazy, but this is where the discipline kicks in. If this is going to be your first time trying this technique...You WON'T get it. This was years of practice for me. You have to be aware of what and when your mind shifted into a funk. Just yesterday, I was fine all day until my oldest did something that made me upset... not only that, we were all going to the mall and we had 1 hr before they closed. Let's stop here and evaluate the situation...
1) We were rushing to get ready because the mall will be closing in an hour.

2) During the time to get ready my daughter knotted a braid in her hair.

 3) I had to unbraid it, but she got upset because I was upset (goes back to be careful what you attract).

 4) Even though I got the knot out and we made it to mall right on time.... I WAS STILL UPSET and IN A FUNK. 

    It's when we left the mall and went out to eat, my husband asked me "what's wrong?" because he noticed I was quiet. I quickly said to myself in my head... "Shift that mindset, shift that mindset, its okay. Think positive. BE Positive" I kid you not, the rest of night we had laughs on top of laughs. I was able to shift that mindset so quickly. 

  • Pray and Write Your Feelings in a Journal- I am an advocate for journaling. I've been journaling on and off since I was in elementary school. Sometimes, people express themselves better in writing(hence as to why I'm a blogger lol). Also, praying does NOT mean always going on your knees etc. You can also write your prayer in a journal. There are plenty of times when I can't fully express myself by talking in prayer, so I write it down as if I was talking to God himself. It feels good to write and express yourself the best way you know how. You can also look back and reflect on it too. 

    Most importantly, Be transparent with your feelings. If someone is making you feel a certain way and you are unable to ignore them, let them know how you feel. If an environment is making you feel depressed or in a funk, try your hardest to get out of there. Your well-being is very important AND it should always come first.

    I hope these tips helped you out. 

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Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Easy Air Fryer Fried Chicken Recipe



July 6, 2021

The link below is an affiliated link. 

    This is a super late post but you know... LIFE lol Anyway, Tuesday (07/06) was National Fried Chicken Day and you know my family and I had to join that bandwagon. To be honest, I don't remember the last time I made fried chicken in oil on the stove. I'm trying along with the family to make better choices on what we eat, and using the air fryer is a great choice. 

    I have mastered making some air fryer fried chicken and it's A1. Below, I will give you some quick steps on how to make these.

    First, you will need an air fryer. Mine was gifted to me by my husband about 3 years ago on my birthday. I believe he got it from Best Buy. I will find a similar one on Amazon and link it below. 

  Second, PLEASE clean your chicken. Use vinegar, lime, lemon, and boiling hot water. Remove the little hairs and fat... (Someone needed to know this and you're welcome). After that, you can season your chicken to your liking. I personally use homemade "Epis" (Haitian Marinade), creole seasoning, Lawry's seasoned salt, paprika, and any type of hot sauce.  I switch up my seasoning all the time. 

    ***I forgot to tell you, while you are cleaning and seasoning your chicken preheat the air fryer on 350 for 15 minutes. 

    Third, To make the cooking process faster, I suggest putting 5-6 Drummets in the air fryer to get thoroughly cooked. 

    Set your air fryer to 400 degrees for 40 minutes or less (keep checking to make sure it doesn't burn, air fryers temps may be different). This is me checking it after a few minutes of cooking. What I like about the air fryer is that, while the chicken is cooking, I can go and tackle other tasks. Once the air fryer is done, it will beep and that means your chicken is done!!!


Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas