Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable


    It is September 1st. Can you believe it? The year is almost over. I have been on Instagram and this year alone, I have seen so many people invest in themselves. I have seen so many people either quit their jobs or leave from full-time to part-time to work on their businesses. It is truly inspiring to see. After seeing all of that, It made me wonder about what I am doing and my dreams. I am so happy and content with what I am planning on doing. One thing I do know is that although this is where I want to be because I know the outcome will be amazing, It is very uncomfortable because I am sacrificing things. However, I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    Sometimes, we have to place ourselves in an uncomfortable situation just to be successful later on. Being uncomfortable doesn't necessarily mean that it will hurt you, it's just that you may have to do some things that may require you to feel uneasy. Such as, going to sleep late, waking up super early, doing countless research on what it is you are working on and the list goes on. On my podcast, Elizabeth Jacas Blogs Podcast, I speak about being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable it's a great listen and I drop some amazing gems. This link is on anchor fm, If you have Spotify, this would be the link to the podcast, Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

    As always, thank you for your continued support. I have many other projects up my sleeve and I have something for you guys really soon. Let's crush September and meet all of our goals.

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas