Easy Tips On How To Shift Your Mindset


Want to shift that mindset?

    Hey everyone life has a way of making us feel good one day and bad the next. It's not a big issue because let's be real..."LIFE HAPPENS" everyone goes through ups and downs. I struggle with this as well. Who wants to be in a "happy go lucky" mood if something bad happens or doesn't go your way? 

    However, I have learned that being in that negative mind frame for a long period of time can in fact mess you up in the long run. You ever heard of doing something everyday for 21 days straight will most likely become a normal habit for you? Imagine being in a funk for 21 days straight... 9/10 that will be your new normal. I remember I use to get upset and be in a mood. Everything irritated me. Then I started getting headaches and feeling somewhat depressed. It also started affecting my relationships with people. As I've gotten older and did my share of mental health research, I have noticed that we can shift our minds. I believe we have control. The thing is we have to have DISCIPLINE. That means, we have to be strong minded when we want to get back to that positive mindset. It's easier to be upset and negative than to be happy and positive. TRUST ME! 

Here's how to shift that mindset

  • Show Gratitude - Often times, life's issues can get the best of us. For example, lack of finances, stress at home, stress in the workplace, relationship/marriage issues, sickness, death etc...Because we all deal with things and get in a depressing state about them, we forget to be grateful for WHAT WE DO HAVE in our lives. With every bad situation, there is also a good outcome. 

  • Be Mindful of What You Attract- The people you hang around, the content you look at on social media, the shows you watch, and even the music you listen too can put you in a negative mindset. Feed your mind good things. Just like how they tell us feed our bodies healthy foods because if we consume too many bad things, eventually we will not feel good right? Same thing goes for our minds. Imagine watching the news all day with all that negative energy and then go on social media and see nothing but drama and reading about bad things. I don' think you would feel good mentally. I personally don't watch the news because it messes with my mind. My husband knows how much that bothers me. 

  • Talk Yourself Out of It- I know that sounds crazy, but this is where the discipline kicks in. If this is going to be your first time trying this technique...You WON'T get it. This was years of practice for me. You have to be aware of what and when your mind shifted into a funk. Just yesterday, I was fine all day until my oldest did something that made me upset... not only that, we were all going to the mall and we had 1 hr before they closed. Let's stop here and evaluate the situation...
1) We were rushing to get ready because the mall will be closing in an hour.

2) During the time to get ready my daughter knotted a braid in her hair.

 3) I had to unbraid it, but she got upset because I was upset (goes back to be careful what you attract).

 4) Even though I got the knot out and we made it to mall right on time.... I WAS STILL UPSET and IN A FUNK. 

    It's when we left the mall and went out to eat, my husband asked me "what's wrong?" because he noticed I was quiet. I quickly said to myself in my head... "Shift that mindset, shift that mindset, its okay. Think positive. BE Positive" I kid you not, the rest of night we had laughs on top of laughs. I was able to shift that mindset so quickly. 

  • Pray and Write Your Feelings in a Journal- I am an advocate for journaling. I've been journaling on and off since I was in elementary school. Sometimes, people express themselves better in writing(hence as to why I'm a blogger lol). Also, praying does NOT mean always going on your knees etc. You can also write your prayer in a journal. There are plenty of times when I can't fully express myself by talking in prayer, so I write it down as if I was talking to God himself. It feels good to write and express yourself the best way you know how. You can also look back and reflect on it too. 

    Most importantly, Be transparent with your feelings. If someone is making you feel a certain way and you are unable to ignore them, let them know how you feel. If an environment is making you feel depressed or in a funk, try your hardest to get out of there. Your well-being is very important AND it should always come first.

    I hope these tips helped you out. 

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Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas