Over 15 Creative Blogmas Post Ideas For Every Blogger | Holiday Edition

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

    Hey everyone, can you believe Thanksgiving is already gone and Christmas is literally right around the corner? There is so much to do with so little time to prepare right? I am hearing all about "vlogmas" and I'm like what about us Bloggers? I know blogging can be very intimidating especially when our world is mostly videos ahhhhh! But, blogging can be interesting and worth the read if you prepare ahead of time. Don't feel pressured into doing "Blogmas" if time does not permit. It does take a lot of work. happy Oh and happy writing to the participants of Blogmas. I have written some Blogmas Post Ideas for every blogger and niche to think of.... I can't wait to also read your writing!

   Christmas Blog Posts For The Lifestyle Blogger

1) Favorite Holiday Playlist

2) Christmas Traditions

3) Favorite Holiday Movies

4) Holiday Git Guide For Kids, Teens, Men, And Women

5) Christmas Events To Do In Your City

6) How To Be Less Stressed This Time Of Year

7) Self Care Tips And Tricks During The Winter Months

8) How To Budget Money During The Holiday Madness

9) 10 Days Of Gratitude In Your Journal 

10) How To Plan The Most Talked About Christmas Party 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Fashion Blogger

1) Best Places To Shop Both In-Store And Online

2) Christmas Eve And Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

3) Newest Fashion Pieces This Holiday Season

4) How To Stay Warm But Still Fashionable 

5) Christmas Themed Look Book (Day and Night Edition)

6) Collaborate With Other Fashion Bloggers

7) Ugly Sweater Ideas 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Food Blogger

1) Favorite Holiday Desserts For The Family

2) Share A Traditional Christmas Meal Recipe 

3) Restaurants To Go To If You Don't Feel Like Cooking Christmas Dinner

4) Gift Ideas For The Food Blogger In Your Life

5) Delicious Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks 

6) Crockpot Recipes For A Cold Winter Day/Night

7) How To Make Soft And Chewy Christmas Sugar Cookies

8) Vegetarian Meal Ideas This Holiday Season

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Beauty Blogger

1) Top 5 Lipsticks To Wear This Season 

2) Cute Festive Nail Designs To Rock 

3) Favorite Luxury Holiday Perfume Scents For Her

4) Favorite Luxury Holiday Cologne Scents For Him

5) 3 Essential Makeup Items To Get That Holiday Beat

6) Winter Skin Care Routine

7) What Is On Every Beauty Bloggers Christmas Wish List This Year?

8) How To Keep Skin Moisturized During The Cold Weather

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For The Mommy/Daddy Blogger

1) Favorite Christmas Songs For Kids

2) Family Photo Shoot Ideas

3) Favorite Childhood Memories

4) DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents

5) DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

6) Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

7) Best Places To Shop For Christmas Decor 

8) Fun Arts And Craft Activities To Do At Home As A Family

9) Non-Messy Treats To Bake With Your Kids

10) Reindeer Food Recipe  

11) How To Explain The True Meaning Of Christmas To Your Kids 

        Remember the whole month of December is open for ideas. You work your schedule on how you want to do it. I will be collaborating with other bloggers during "Blogmas", stay tuned for their links in upcoming posts. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

I will do 12 Days of Blogmas starting on December 12th :) 


I definitely plan to do a few of these blog post prompts. Thank you for putting together this list.
Elizabeth Jacas said…
It’s my pleasure Tiffany. Thank you for reading