Must See Netflix Original Christmas Movies

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    Happy Blogmas Day 1

    You guys, It is finally here. Blogmas!!! This is my first year participating and I am also happy to announce that I have collaborated with some other blogger friends on this post. We are all excited to share our Favorite Holiday Movies with you all. Be sure to read this whole post before you click on the other bloggers links.

    Christmas is literally my favorite holiday and I am obsessed with everything that has to do with it. Whether it be Christmas decorations, holiday desserts, the semi cold weather(I live in Florida lol), or the music. I am here for it okay?! One thing I know for sure, is that I am going to binge watch ALL the holiday classics and even the new ones that I have grown to love. The fact that I can stream them at anytime is icing on the cake. I am going to  put you on to some holiday movies that I recommend you watch this season with your loved ones or by yourself and you can thank me later because I know you will, especially if you haven't seen some of the movies that I'm going to tell you about. 


1) Holidate (2020)

This movie is a comedy romantic film. It's about two single strangers, Sloane played by Emma Roberts and Jackson played by Luke Bracey who agree to be each others dates only for holidays with no strings attached to actually falling for each other at the end. 

2) The Holiday Calendar (2018)

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix. This is a real romantic movie. It's about two photographers Abby played by Kat Graham and Josh played by Quincy Brown who are best friends and their future is predicted by an advent calendar. It's a must see!

3) The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

This is a tear jerker. This is a movie about a brother and sister Kate and Teddy Pierce played by Darby Camp and Judah Lewis. Kate has a brilliant idea to capture Santa deliver their gifts but end up getting more which also conflicts with Santa delivering all of the gifts to the other children. Santa and the siblings spend a wild and crazy night together to save the holidays before its too late.

4) The Christmas Chronicles (2020)


This movie is pretty self explanatory. It's a continuation from part one of the film. The characters are the  same. Disclaimer: You must watch part one before watching this to understand what is happening.

5) Jingle Jangle (2020)


I was very tuned in when I watched this movie. I was never a fan of musicals, but this one especially with a black cast really kept my attention. This movie is a about having faith, hope, and the power of believing that miracles can happen.

   What are your favorite holiday movies? Also, be sure to check out these bloggers "Favorite Holiday Movies" below. 

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