How To Plan a Productive Day

    How To Plan a Productive Day...

  Ever had a day where you felt as though your "to do list" was super long, and you had no idea on how you would accomplish it all on one day? Or how about the feeling of not checking off everything on your list and you end up downing yourself and remain in an all day funk? Well, I'm here to tell you that I have been there and quite honestly, I am still trying to figure this thing out. 

    There is a feeling of happiness and wholeness when you get all the things done on your list. However, that does not mean you are a failure or anything like that if you don't complete each task. I think it's a learning experience that just shows that you should prioritize your list according to importance. In my worksheet that I created, you can have a glance of your day and your tasks as well by "priority" to "It can wait until tomorrow" This printable is ideal for a "pen and paper" person or the person that likes to have a plan for everything. 

    How to maintain a productive day?

   Have a clean space

    I find myself to be more productive and motivated when my space is clean and clear of clutter. I love to have everything in it's right place and my place smelling clean. When your space is messy, your motivation to do anything is low. 

    Create categories for your task

    This is very important to follow because it will help you with your time management as well. I would write the tasks down starting from the important ones first and goo down the list. 

    Set a timer or alarm on your phone or watch

    I usually do this when I am cleaning. I don't spend no more than 1 1/2 hours top to clean. my whole place. If everything is not done, then I will finish it the next day. If this happens to you, don't get upset, grant yourself grace for at least starting the task. 

    Silence phone notifications and/or social media 

    We are all guilty of this, when we tend to feel a little overwhelmed with our tasks etc, we end to gravitate towards our phone and next thing we know, we are on Instagram and Tis Tok just scrolling and liking pictures. When we could have been finishing that "important" task. 

    Take a break

    If you have been working for hours take frequent 5 to 10 minute breaks. Stretch your body. Grab a quick snack from the kitchen and resume. When you are working your 9-5 don't you take breaks? Exactly, you should do it as well. Being productive does not mean overworking yourself. You can do it!!!!

Click here to download the To Do List Freebie Printable

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas