Trending Holiday Gift Guide For a Tween Girl

    The holiday season has officially begun...

        If you are like me, then you like to shop early. My girls are getting older and they no longer want toys. I am almost sure that everything they want this year is on this guide. The past couple of months we have been to different stores and I would always catch them eyeing something... and of course the mommy in me took a "mental note" If you are shopping for a girl between the age of 10+ this post is for you. 

    Tween years is that awkward stage where they are still considered a young kid but still feel like a teen but not quite at that age yet. My oldest daughter falls into that category. I have to remind her that she is still a little too young for certain things that she wants. This guide that I created seems appropriate for girls around this stage.

    Mini Waffle Maker

    These are the cutest little gadgets I have ever seen. You can find these at your local Target, Walmart, or even amazon for the low low.

    Plush Throw Blanket

    What tween isn't going to like a plush throw blanket? They can use it on their bed or even on the couch while they are watching a movie. I am obsessed with these. 

    Apple AirPods

    These are on the bit of the pricier side, however, you can snag good deals around black Friday. I would keep an eye out on the black Friday ads. They should already be out if not maybe in a week or so. 

    Victoria Secret Pink 

    What I like about Pink is that it's kind of a one stop shop. You can get clothing, cute accessories, Water bottles, fluffy slippers, and beauty items such as lotions, spray mists and the list goes on. This store can get pricey as well but they usually have a good sale or promotion. 

    Fujifilm Instax Camera & Film

    This camera has been a hit for awhile now especially on Youtube with these teens promoting it. I have seen these at Target. I also know Walmart will be having a bundle sale which includes the camera and film for Black Friday. They also have a variety of colors.

    Bath Bombs

    Bath bombs are something that these girls will never get tired of using. You can snag these anywhere! I suggest anything fruity and colorful. Be careful when purchasing from a cheap place because I hear they stain the tub. 

        Of course there is a whole lot of things out there. You know your kids and what they would like. I just wanted to be a little help to jump start your early shopping. I will also have three other Holiday Gift Guide posts for little kids, men, and women. So stay tuned for that. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas