Holiday Gift Guide For Boys and Girls

       Before you know it, Christmas will be here and if you have young kids then I am pretty sure they already made a list for "Santa" or been telling you what they want. Now, I have a 7 year old girl so creating a gift guide for girls wasn't too hard. Like I said before, you know your child and what interests them, the items in this guide was the "popular" items that I seen that was trending online. Also, if you are a "Boy Mom" my apologies lol, I don't know what else to add to the guide for boys so I hope these items were not too "cliche" lol


Friendship Bracelet Kit

    I don't know about you but everything with my youngest daughter is "friend this" "friend that" so I thought a "friendship bracelet kit" would be ideal.They can create different color pattern bracelet that matches their friends style/personality. This can help them with their creativity and fine motor skills as well.You can find these on Amazon, Target, Walmart, or your local craft store.


Nail Art Kit 

    This is another one I am pretty sure these girls will love. They can create their own designs and as moms, we don't have to worry if they look too grown because these are "kiddie friendly"I remember having something similar to this when I was younger. I think you can find these at the same places I stated above for the friendship bracelets.


Basketball/Connect  Four Game

   This game looks pretty cool. I don't know the exact name, but to me it looks like a basketball/connect four game in one. You have to make sure to shoot the ball in the basket and get the same colors in a row like connect four. 

Tool Set
    What young boy does not want a tool set like their daddy, grandpa, or uncle right? I thought this was super cute because they can use their imagination around the house and act as if they are building something. This can be found at your local toy or retail store. 

    Transforming Robot

    What is it with boys and robots? Even in the classroom, I always heard them talk about robots lol. So when I seen this robot that can also transform, I was like "how cool is this" I think any boy would want to add this to their collection. 

    Unisex Gifts

    Kinetic Sand
    This thing is so satisfying, it looks like sand and playdoh, but has a soft squishy texture. It's super calming in my opinion. You can purchase these on amazon and buy little toys to go in there like mini dinosaurs for the boys and mini princesses for the girls. You can find the set hat has a "sand castle" included. The creativeness is unlimited!

    Nintendo Switch

     Great thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it was made for both girls and boys. If your daughter likes "Pink" she would love the Pink Switch, if your son likes "blue" then you can snag that color for him. Another plus is the variety and genres of games. So you won't have a hard time with finding out which game suits your child. This is a great gift! These can be pricey though. I would look around for the Black Friday deals.

    *I also believe in monetary gifts too. I always give my girls money with their gifts and they know half is saved and the other half can be spent. Another option is that you can open up a savings account or give them money to invest in companies such as McDonald's or Disney (Trust Me) they may not understand now, but it will all make sense when they get older.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas