5 Items Every Teacher Should Have


I've been in the childcare field since 2006. However, I was not in the classroom until 2011. Let me tell you, I was that teacher that bought ALL of the cute things and spent so much money and most of the items I never even used smh. As the years progressed and I started watching the veteran teachers at the school, I realized that I did not need half of the items I purchased. I don't know any teachers that never went over board when they first started out. There are plenty of items we as teachers need, but I decided to choose 5 that I believe will be essential for ALL teachers.

1) Invest in a good Printer and Ink I have an Epson 430 and I will eventually upgrade to an HP. Teachers print a lot and sometimes we don't have the time to wait for another teacher to finish printing or make copies, and you have some school offices that are very strict with the ink usage. Some teachers have their printers in the classroom. I prefer to keep mine at home. To each its own.

2) Invest in a Laminator:  I purchased my laminator from Amazon. It was a combo that included the laminating sheets. I have been laminating for years. Doing that will help you keep papers for years on end.  

3) Wireless Doorbell: I recently just purchased this and I can't wait to use this in my classroom this year. This doorbell will be used as a "Classroom Management"tool. For example, I will ring the bell when the students are getting too noisy. This will be an "attention grabber" and I will also use this as a transition tool for the students to get ready for the next activity or lesson.

4) InkJoy Gel Pens: I have not been obsessed with pens until about 2 years ago when I realized how bad the dollar tree ink  pens looked on my planners and how they bled through the next page. There are plenty of great pens out there, You can't go wrong with InkJoy. Invest in a variety pack. 

5) Teacher Planner: I'm pretty sure every teacher has a planner.  I purchased a teacher planner from Micheals. You can get one anywhere that sells supplies or on Amazon.

If you are a teacher, what item MUST you have? Let me know!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Target Dollar Spot (Teacher Edition)


Hey guys!! For all of my fellow educators AND parents who teach their children at home, the back to school dollar spot at Target is definitely our "Christmas" lol. There are so many inexpensive items to choose from and I am excited for the purchases that I've made. Another thing I like about the dollar spot is the different designs they offer. Every year they come out with something new or bring back a top seller. Teachers are NOT the only ones who benefit from this either. Parents can also purchase items to work with their children at home. Especially now, when some children will be attending school virtually.

Items I Purchased

Wire Mesh Supply Caddy $5: I tried to purchase this last year, and they were all sold out. They have many colors too. I have so many pens, sharpies, and highlighters. This will definitely keep them organized. 

United States Felt Map $5: I purchased this because I will be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade this year and I wanted a map that was kid friendly and easy for them to navigate through during our History lessons.

Schedule Cards $1: I was very happy to see this because the  core subjects were included in the pack and I am able to create an analog and dialog clock. This can also be a lesson when the children learn about time. 

Apple Pointer $1: I bought this because it was cute lol. But, I can use this during circle time and the students can also use the pointer when they are chosen to come up and read their sight words on the board.

Name Plates $1: I was very happy to get this as well because I can write the students first and last names on there. But what really caught my attention was the fact that the alphabets, shapes, numbers, and left hand/right hand are all displayed for reference when they are sitting at their tables. 

Reversible Bulletin Borders $1 Each: The dollar spot had a variety of bulletin boarders. I will be using the Black and White side for my bulletin boards. 

Ink Stamps and Ink Stamp Pad $3 Each (Not a Set): I like to have a variety of stamps in my classroom for when I check classwork or homework. I also give them out as a reward on their hand or on a behavior chart in which I will be implementing this year.

Reward Erasers $1 Each: I purchased these erasers for my treasure box and math manipulative tubs. I purchased Unicorns+Rainbows, Ice Cream Popsicles , and 2 packs of Star erasers. They had a variety of erasers. 

I intend on purchasing a few more items for my classroom as well as items for my daughters to use at home since my husband and I, have chosen for them do virtual learning.

If you are an educator or parent, what are some items that you like to use in your classroom or at home with your children?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

My Review on The Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager


Happy Friday you guys!!! As you all know, Mondays have become my new favorite day of the week, BUT Fridays are still lit lol. I have been so busy with home, planning for back to school, and working on my brand that most times it takes a toll on my body especially on my feet and lower back. I have been wanting to go to a chiropractor and a massage therapist but I don't want to spend money for frequent appointments, plus you know..... COVID smh.

I have been researching foot massagers online for months and some were either too cheap or too expensive. I wanted to make sure that my purchase was reasonable and that it did the job. 

This massager is a GEM!!! This is a rolling massager with 3 modes and 3 intensity levels. I used the highest intensity level for my feet. The bonus with this massager is that it has therapeutic heat levels and you can also use it for your back too. This definitely helps with aches as well as improving blood flow and circulation. 

Self-Care has definitely been upgraded with this massager all I have to do is just add some wine, 90's R&B, and some scented candles lol. If you guys are interested in this foot massager, click on the link above.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Must Have Kitchen Essentials


I've always heard that a "Kitchen is the Heart of the Home" I believe that to be true. I also believe that kitchen gadgets are a LIFESAVER!! I think I almost have all of the essentials that I want for my kitchen. I have narrowed them down to my top must haves.


I use this EVERYDAY! I either make coffee in the morning or tea in the evening. This Keurig was a gift from my daughter on Christmas a few years ago. You can purchase the K-cups at your local
grocery store.

I love this blender for making smoothies and milkshakes. This particular blender comes with 2 cups (12oz and 24oz). I couldn't find the one I have but either one you choose is well worth it.

I am obsessed with this! I have the 4.5qt. When I tell you I can make a whole meal and leave it slow cooking for 8hrs while I am at work. Having this has saved me plenty of time on cooking. I don't believe this particular design is available anymore. I got it from Target in 2015, its time for a new one. They are pretty inexpensive as well. You definitely need to invest in one.

I have the 2.5L. I like it. This is good because it fries yours food with NO OIL. I have made fried chicken wings, salmon, French fries, and onion rings. This is definitely a good buy for someone who is on a healthy eating lifestyle. This air fryer has a book with meals that you can make and how long to cook them for, you can also see some pictures of things you can cook on the top of the fryer with how many minutes too.

What are your favorite kitchen essentials that you can not do without? Leave a comment and share this post as well. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

What Brought Me Joy This Past Week (Week 1)


Hey guys! Happy Monday. A few days ago, I was reading a blog post by a blogger that I found on Instagram and she wrote about things that brought her joy for the week. I really thought that was a good idea. I reached out to her and asked her if she doesn't mind that I use that idea. (Out of respect). Anyway, often times we dwell on what went wrong with situations in our life that we often forget to be mindful of the things that went good, even if it's something small. I always write 3 things that I am grateful for everyday I wake up. However, last week felt like a long draining one and I did find myself not motivated or inspired. I really had to dig deep this morning and try to remember everything that I did get done and what brought me joy. 

1) Family Time-  This is definitely a joy.  Last week we decided to make tie dye shirts and then the following day we wore our shirts and went to take pictures by the water during the sunset. It was so much fun. Spending time with my family is always a good feeling especially when I see the big smiles on my daughters faces. 

2) Self-Care- As adults we think we are the only ones who need self-care. Our children also need it too. I finally got my daughter in with a friendly, caring dentist that will do some work for her before she gets her braces. I had to change dentist because despite them being a "pediatric" dentist, I didn't find them to be "kid friendly" The plan was to wait until next summer to find another dentist to get her work done, but I ended up finding a dentist sooner. She already had her first appointment and treatment plan. (Very excited).

3) Alone Time With Hubby- Since school is out and it being a pandemic and all, it is hard for hubby and I to spend alone time together. For one, we have nobody to watch the girls, and two there is really no where to go where I would feel comfortable wearing a mask. So we been indoors and just been doing "Netflix and Chill" lol. It's huge for us to find a show that we both like nowadays. We are currently watching "Ozark" we send the girls to their rooms and that is our time for us. I have really been looking forward to our date night. 

Everyday is not going to be a perfect one, but we have to find joy in something. What are some things that brought you joy last week? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Ways To Lower Debt (Credit Cards)


One thing I know for sure is that the upcoming generation will be more advanced in technology and finances. There are so many resources out now and sadly, my generation did not have those growing up. Some of us did not have the foundation from our parents to save money or to invest.  Growing up, I always heard about credit and how we need it. I wasn't taught the proper way to use credit and the consequences of not having it or having enough. Funny thing though, my parents always had great credit one thing I can say is that they always made sure to pay the bills on time. We were never in the dark or put out of our house. 

So many people out there follow Mr. Dave Ramsey. I have watched a few of his videos and did some research on his methods. Some worked for me, some didn't. I think you have to find out what it is you are trying to accomplish and how much of a sacrifice you are willing to make to eliminate some debt.

I have quite a few high balances on my credit cards and student loans (I knooooooooooow). But I used to wait until income tax and start paying things off completely to realize that my credit score dropped and I was back to using the cards again smh. Oh my lol. Now I have found a method that works so much better for me and in fact it has been working for a long time. I am going to share some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way.

Ways to Lower Credit Card Debt

1) Get a notebook or budget planner(save your money and get a notebook lol)

2) Write down ALL of the credit cards with balances starting with the lowest to the highest

3) Check your statements for late fees, interest fees and call the companies and ask for a one time courtesy waiver. 9/10 they will waive a few for you. (Capitalone is one of the companies that would do that for you).

4) Start paying the credit card with the lowest balances off first

5) Once everything is paid off, use the card to make small purchases that you can pay every month such as monthly subscriptions, gas, a mani/pedi(Be sure to pay off that balance though).

Remember, these tips may not work for everyone, This is just what I do and what works for me.

What are some tips and tricks that you may have to eliminate some debt?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Fun Summer Activity For The Family (Tie Dye Shirts)


Hey ya'll as you know our typical "summer" has changed quite a bit. As an educator and mother of two I can't imagine how the children feel about not having a lot to do. I don't know about you guys, but both of my girls have some sort of an electronic device and I am not a fan of them being glued to the screen all day. So as a family, we come up with things to do to get out of the habit of being on our devices.This week, my oldest had an idea to make tie dye shirts and I was okay with that. I just didn't want to do that activity indoors lol. I am going to give you a step by step on how to master the shirts. *Disclaimer... We did the easiest method... I don't have the patience to figure out how to do the unique design methods lol.

Steps to Making a Tie Dye Shirt

I know a lot of people use the "RIT" brand but I rather use the Tulip brand. It's easier to handle and the kids can do it on their own. The kits varies in size and price. This kit only came with 3 colors and I got it for $8.97 at Walmart.

These are the materials that will be needed. White shirt(cotton or silk), 2 pairs of gloves comes in the kit, however I needed more since it was the 4 of us. It calls for a prewash, but I don't have time for that lol. So I used a spray bottle filled with lukewarm water to spray the shirt after applying the rubber bands. (Do not soak the shirt with water...just a light spray to be moist) You will also need a  freezer storage ziplock bag to put each shirt in for 6-8 hrs or overnight like I did once done dyeing. The kit also comes with 20 Rubber Bands, if you are willing to try different method designs, then buy a pack of rubber bands just in case. The 3 dye bottles comes with the dye powder inside, all you have to do is fill it with water and shake it.  Place your semi wet shirt on a garbage bag and paper towel to not get the surface stained.

Remember to FOLLOW these steps
1- Choose the method design you want and apply the rubber bands where its needed
2-Lightly spray the water on the shirt
3- Place shirt on garbage bag and paper towel
4-Start dyeing your shirt(I find it easier to go section to section since its already divided by the rubber bands)
5-Once done, place shirt inside a ziplock bag for about 6-8 hours. (we left ours overnight)
6-Next, remove shirt from the bag and rinse out access dye keep squeezing until there is no more dye coming out. Then cut off the rubber bands.
7-If you are dyeing more than one shirt, wash each one separately in the machine with hot water and a small amount of detergent. (non- bleach) 
8- Place shirts in the dryer WITHOUT dryer sheets. I chose the lowest temp and used it for 45 minutes.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Sometimes You Need A Change Of Scenery


Hey guys, I don't know about you all but I love being home lol. I have a few areas at home where I like to go and get some work done. However, sometimes I do want to go somewhere different just to get a new vibe. I have been loving the outdoors lately but you know Covid won't let me be great!   Being outside helps me focus more and be grateful for the things we do not even look twice at such as the sky, the trees, the air in which we breathe. 

Sometimes your mind can be full of thoughts especially being trapped indoors all day. When you feel like that, go fo a walk around the neighborhood, go to the beach, or be like me and go to your local coffee shop even if it's just for 30 minutes. You will feel much much better.

Where are some places that you like to go for a change of scenery? Let me know!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

5 Things That I Have Learned The First Half Of 2020



You guys, when I tell y'all I was anticipating this year because I had some things that needed to get done and I felt like this was the year to do it. Like most of you, I looked at 2020 as a year of vision AND that it is lol. The first half has come and gone and we have 5 months left to try and crush these goals despite this pandemic. From January-June I will tell y'all what I learned and how I dealt with it. 

1) There are like minded people around. I just have to find them.
In January I had the opportunity to finally meet a YouTuber who is now a friend of mine. She had a vision party at her house and I met some like minded woman who definitely had their ish together. I left her house feeling so inspired and motivated. There was no drama, no gossip, none of that and I felt so comfortable. When you are surrounded by women who have the same goals and values like you, it's just a different vibe and its an amazing feeling. 

2) It's important to have a savings and emergency fund.
I have always been taught to not spend money on unnecessary things and to save money. Despite many money mistakes I have made in my past, I have instilled saving money on my children. ( I don't play those games). Saving is discipline. I started saving more and more especially with this pandemic and I am very fortunate that I was still able to do so because of what is going on right now. You never know what can happen at your job, your health, etc. For some people right now, they are living off of their savings or emergency fund. Which in my opinion is good to have.

3) Your place of employment is not yours. 
I have worked a lot of places and after the first couple of months, I know if I plan on staying or not. If you do not own your place of employment or have any shares in the company(please do me a favor and not put your life into it). So many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and had to literally choose between their health, bills, and family or risking everything for a job. I was one of the people who had to choose and let's just say my eyes were open and God knows my heart and my purpose.

4) Time Management is VERY important
We all have 24 hrs in a day. It's just how we use those hours. Being home for the last couple of months have made realize that work has been taking up a lot of my time to do the things I wanted to do outside of education. When I come home from work, I'm helping the kids with homework, cooking dinner, then cleaning up. By the time all of that is done, I am am tired and in the bed to do it all again tomorrow. Since I have been home unemployed lol, I was able to sit and reflect on everything that needed to be fixed in my life and home. I was able to declutter a few things around my place, I was able to write a book (not published yet), and most importantly, I was able to finally create my own blog website and I am so proud of it. This is my baby!

5) Nothing is possible without God 
One thing I learned during this whole pandemic, is that God is still here! I am not working and all of my bills are paid. If that is not God, I don't know what is. I have made time to speak with God everyday. I read daily devotions and journal as well. I set my intentions for the day and I feel so good after my quiet time with him.

What have you guys learned the first half of the year?

Later Love Bugs, 

Elizabeth Jacas

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Quarantine Fitness Routine


First off, I am by no means a fitness guru neither am I on a diet. Diets never work for me lol. However, I am being more cautious of what I eat and how much of it I intake. When I was younger, I was a decent size and I ate bad. The difference between now and back then, is that I was much more active in my younger days. I danced for a little in high school and walked everywhere with my friends (hence, no car yet lol). After high school, I was hitting the clubs and dancing. So obviously, the weight stayed off.

Now, into adulthood and two kids later lol... I am not as active as I use to be. I paid for gym memberships and felt like I wasn't getting my money worth because I did not go all the time. I have a fitness gym in my complex, but I don't go all the time either because its so small and I don't like to be so close to people like that. Especially sweaty ones lol. 

Which leads me to starting a mini routine at home. In the early mornings or evenings (depending on my mood) I would go for a walk around the complex between 1 1/2-2 miles. I also do a lot of at home exercise routines on YouTube or OnDemand. 

Don't let these people tell you, that you have to go to the gym to work out, you clearly can do everything from the comfort of your home. 

My Routine
-Between the hours of 7am-10am I walk around the complex (it is not as hot yet)
-I track my walk on my Apple Watch (workout app)
-At home, I go on YouTube and do a 30min walk at home workout Walk at home fitness

What kind of workouts do you do at home during quarantine?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Get Out of The Monday Funk


Mondays were always a dread for me. It came to a point when it was Friday, I would be happy but then Saturday night comes, and I was counting down the hours until Monday morning lol. Believe it or not, but this mentality has been like that since I was in grade school. It was not until April of this year, my mindset changed and I actually started embracing Mondays.


It's funny that my whole week was always a mess. I never understood why I was so unorganized or upset more than happy and I just put the blame on people and situations when in reality, I am the ONLY one with the power to determine how I want each day of my life to go. April 6, 2020 I meditated and reflected on what I felt like was wrong in my life and decided to tackle EVERYTHING that made me feel uncomfortable. I started waking up at 5am on Mondays. I meditated, did light yoga(Stretching purposes), journaled, and created a "to do list" and just marked off things as they were completed. I also got dressed and put on some makeup. I felt so motivated and inspired. I did that for a week straight and it is actually now a part of my daily routine. In the beginning it will be hard, but you have to have DISCIPLINE to get things done.

Tackle your Monday and look at it as a fresh start!!!!

What is your favorite day of the week?

Later Love Bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas

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