Target Dollar Spot (Teacher Edition)

Hey guys!! For all of my fellow educators AND parents who teach their children at home, the back to school dollar spot at Target is definitely our "Christmas" lol. There are so many inexpensive items to choose from and I am excited for the purchases that I've made. Another thing I like about the dollar spot is the different designs they offer. Every year they come out with something new or bring back a top seller. Teachers are NOT the only ones who benefit from this either. Parents can also purchase items to work with their children at home. Especially now, when some children will be attending school virtually.

Items I Purchased

Wire Mesh Supply Caddy $5: I tried to purchase this last year, and they were all sold out. They have many colors too. I have so many pens, sharpies, and highlighters. This will definitely keep them organized. 

United States Felt Map $5: I purchased this because I will be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade this year and I wanted a map that was kid friendly and easy for them to navigate through during our History lessons.

Schedule Cards $1: I was very happy to see this because the  core subjects were included in the pack and I am able to create an analog and dialog clock. This can also be a lesson when the children learn about time. 

Apple Pointer $1: I bought this because it was cute lol. But, I can use this during circle time and the students can also use the pointer when they are chosen to come up and read their sight words on the board.

Name Plates $1: I was very happy to get this as well because I can write the students first and last names on there. But what really caught my attention was the fact that the alphabets, shapes, numbers, and left hand/right hand are all displayed for reference when they are sitting at their tables. 

Reversible Bulletin Borders $1 Each: The dollar spot had a variety of bulletin boarders. I will be using the Black and White side for my bulletin boards. 

Ink Stamps and Ink Stamp Pad $3 Each (Not a Set): I like to have a variety of stamps in my classroom for when I check classwork or homework. I also give them out as a reward on their hand or on a behavior chart in which I will be implementing this year.

Reward Erasers $1 Each: I purchased these erasers for my treasure box and math manipulative tubs. I purchased Unicorns+Rainbows, Ice Cream Popsicles , and 2 packs of Star erasers. They had a variety of erasers. 

I intend on purchasing a few more items for my classroom as well as items for my daughters to use at home since my husband and I, have chosen for them do virtual learning.

If you are an educator or parent, what are some items that you like to use in your classroom or at home with your children?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas