5 Items Every Teacher Should Have

I've been in the childcare field since 2006. However, I was not in the classroom until 2011. Let me tell you, I was that teacher that bought ALL of the cute things and spent so much money and most of the items I never even used smh. As the years progressed and I started watching the veteran teachers at the school, I realized that I did not need half of the items I purchased. I don't know any teachers that never went over board when they first started out. There are plenty of items we as teachers need, but I decided to choose 5 that I believe will be essential for ALL teachers.

1) Invest in a good Printer and Ink I have an Epson 430 and I will eventually upgrade to an HP. Teachers print a lot and sometimes we don't have the time to wait for another teacher to finish printing or make copies, and you have some school offices that are very strict with the ink usage. Some teachers have their printers in the classroom. I prefer to keep mine at home. To each its own.

2) Invest in a Laminator:  I purchased my laminator from Amazon. It was a combo that included the laminating sheets. I have been laminating for years. Doing that will help you keep papers for years on end.  

3) Wireless Doorbell: I recently just purchased this and I can't wait to use this in my classroom this year. This doorbell will be used as a "Classroom Management"tool. For example, I will ring the bell when the students are getting too noisy. This will be an "attention grabber" and I will also use this as a transition tool for the students to get ready for the next activity or lesson.

4) InkJoy Gel Pens: I have not been obsessed with pens until about 2 years ago when I realized how bad the dollar tree ink  pens looked on my planners and how they bled through the next page. There are plenty of great pens out there, You can't go wrong with InkJoy. Invest in a variety pack. 

5) Teacher Planner: I'm pretty sure every teacher has a planner.  I purchased a teacher planner from Micheals. You can get one anywhere that sells supplies or on Amazon.

If you are a teacher, what item MUST you have? Let me know!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas