What Has The Month Of July Taught Me?

Another month in 2020 is gone. Goodbye July, Hello August.. This year is truly going by super fast. I feel like I was super busy this month because of "Back to School" preparations for my daughters and myself. As I reflect on this month I realized that this too was a learning month for me.

What I learned
1)  I learned that no matter how much I can want something, if it is not meant for me I will not receive it. There were a few things I was so sure that I wanted and I thought I was going to get with no doubt in my mind but God put a stop to it or shifted it for something he knew that was needed. 

2) Family time is very important and leaves an everlasting impact on the children minds. I made it my duty to incorporate some type of family activity every week. This was written in my planner. 

3)  If I could reach at least one person and inspire them with my blogs, then I have succeeded. Because of the blog posts I have written, I have had at least 5 people tell me that I have inspired them some shape or form. My biggest influential audience were from the family time tie dye activity and my morning routine. 

4) Educating my girls on businesses and business plans early will be beneficial to them for their future. I feel with the internet and the way these children brains work, there will be more entrepreneurs than employees and I am okay with that. I want BOTH of my girls to reap those benefits. 

What did the month of July teach you?
Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas