What Brought Me Joy This Past Week (Week 2)

My last post I talked about the lessons I learned last month. This post is about what brought me joy. I had to really think about it because I felt like last week was somewhat of a blur. Even my memory got the best of me and that is why I literally jot down everything in my planner to use as a reference. So here goes the 3 things that brought me joy last week.

What Brought Me Joy

1) I got with my friend Kayla and completed a 10mile fitness challenge on the Nike Run App. It may seem like nothing, but when you are a working mom and wife, and have other things going on, setting a time to workout and  actually finish the goal is hard. I almost gave up and 2 hours prior to the challenge being over, I completed it. Having Kayla as motivation really helped me too.

2) Although I pray everyday, I wanted to connect more with God by starting a reading devotion plan. Everyday I read a devotion and summarize it in my journal. I did not miss one day. The devotion I am reading now is on  Bible.com. There is also an App for iPhone and Android. The name of the plan is "Stay Fit: Strengthening Your Connection To Jesus". It talks about different aspects in our lives and how we need to have Jesus and God in the center of it all. 

3) With my planner, I also create a daily to do list and I literally accomplished everything that was on it. As an active planner and organizer, it feels great to actually get all my tasks done. The way I prioritize 

What has brought you joy last week? It could be something small or something huge, either way be grateful and blessed.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas