5 Things That I Have Learned The First Half Of 2020


You guys, when I tell y'all I was anticipating this year because I had some things that needed to get done and I felt like this was the year to do it. Like most of you, I looked at 2020 as a year of vision AND that it is lol. The first half has come and gone and we have 5 months left to try and crush these goals despite this pandemic. From January-June I will tell y'all what I learned and how I dealt with it. 

1) There are like minded people around. I just have to find them.
In January I had the opportunity to finally meet a YouTuber who is now a friend of mine. She had a vision party at her house and I met some like minded woman who definitely had their ish together. I left her house feeling so inspired and motivated. There was no drama, no gossip, none of that and I felt so comfortable. When you are surrounded by women who have the same goals and values like you, it's just a different vibe and its an amazing feeling. 

2) It's important to have a savings and emergency fund.
I have always been taught to not spend money on unnecessary things and to save money. Despite many money mistakes I have made in my past, I have instilled saving money on my children. ( I don't play those games). Saving is discipline. I started saving more and more especially with this pandemic and I am very fortunate that I was still able to do so because of what is going on right now. You never know what can happen at your job, your health, etc. For some people right now, they are living off of their savings or emergency fund. Which in my opinion is good to have.

3) Your place of employment is not yours. 
I have worked a lot of places and after the first couple of months, I know if I plan on staying or not. If you do not own your place of employment or have any shares in the company(please do me a favor and not put your life into it). So many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and had to literally choose between their health, bills, and family or risking everything for a job. I was one of the people who had to choose and let's just say my eyes were open and God knows my heart and my purpose.

4) Time Management is VERY important
We all have 24 hrs in a day. It's just how we use those hours. Being home for the last couple of months have made realize that work has been taking up a lot of my time to do the things I wanted to do outside of education. When I come home from work, I'm helping the kids with homework, cooking dinner, then cleaning up. By the time all of that is done, I am am tired and in the bed to do it all again tomorrow. Since I have been home unemployed lol, I was able to sit and reflect on everything that needed to be fixed in my life and home. I was able to declutter a few things around my place, I was able to write a book (not published yet), and most importantly, I was able to finally create my own blog website and I am so proud of it. This is my baby!

5) Nothing is possible without God 
One thing I learned during this whole pandemic, is that God is still here! I am not working and all of my bills are paid. If that is not God, I don't know what is. I have made time to speak with God everyday. I read daily devotions and journal as well. I set my intentions for the day and I feel so good after my quiet time with him.

What have you guys learned the first half of the year?

Later Love Bugs, 

Elizabeth Jacas

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