What Brought Me Joy This Past Week (Week 1)

Hey guys! Happy Monday. A few days ago, I was reading a blog post by a blogger that I found on Instagram and she wrote about things that brought her joy for the week. I really thought that was a good idea. I reached out to her and asked her if she doesn't mind that I use that idea. (Out of respect). Anyway, often times we dwell on what went wrong with situations in our life that we often forget to be mindful of the things that went good, even if it's something small. I always write 3 things that I am grateful for everyday I wake up. However, last week felt like a long draining one and I did find myself not motivated or inspired. I really had to dig deep this morning and try to remember everything that I did get done and what brought me joy. 

1) Family Time-  This is definitely a joy.  Last week we decided to make tie dye shirts and then the following day we wore our shirts and went to take pictures by the water during the sunset. It was so much fun. Spending time with my family is always a good feeling especially when I see the big smiles on my daughters faces. 

2) Self-Care- As adults we think we are the only ones who need self-care. Our children also need it too. I finally got my daughter in with a friendly, caring dentist that will do some work for her before she gets her braces. I had to change dentist because despite them being a "pediatric" dentist, I didn't find them to be "kid friendly" The plan was to wait until next summer to find another dentist to get her work done, but I ended up finding a dentist sooner. She already had her first appointment and treatment plan. (Very excited).

3) Alone Time With Hubby- Since school is out and it being a pandemic and all, it is hard for hubby and I to spend alone time together. For one, we have nobody to watch the girls, and two there is really no where to go where I would feel comfortable wearing a mask. So we been indoors and just been doing "Netflix and Chill" lol. It's huge for us to find a show that we both like nowadays. We are currently watching "Ozark" we send the girls to their rooms and that is our time for us. I have really been looking forward to our date night. 

Everyday is not going to be a perfect one, but we have to find joy in something. What are some things that brought you joy last week? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


Troy Adams said…
I agree with you. Family time is priceless. The kids make a lot of noise but sometimes you can't help but to laugh and make noise with them.
Anonymous said…
Exactly! Thank you for reading. :)
Elle Magnifique said…
I’m loving the Tie dye activity, going to try with my family and Ozark is awesome.
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Thank you Elle. Your family will enjoy it!!! We finished Ozark last night... Can't wait until season 4.