Get Out of The Monday Funk

Mondays were always a dread for me. It came to a point when it was Friday, I would be happy but then Saturday night comes, and I was counting down the hours until Monday morning lol. Believe it or not, but this mentality has been like that since I was in grade school. It was not until April of this year, my mindset changed and I actually started embracing Mondays.


It's funny that my whole week was always a mess. I never understood why I was so unorganized or upset more than happy and I just put the blame on people and situations when in reality, I am the ONLY one with the power to determine how I want each day of my life to go. April 6, 2020 I meditated and reflected on what I felt like was wrong in my life and decided to tackle EVERYTHING that made me feel uncomfortable. I started waking up at 5am on Mondays. I meditated, did light yoga(Stretching purposes), journaled, and created a "to do list" and just marked off things as they were completed. I also got dressed and put on some makeup. I felt so motivated and inspired. I did that for a week straight and it is actually now a part of my daily routine. In the beginning it will be hard, but you have to have DISCIPLINE to get things done.

Tackle your Monday and look at it as a fresh start!!!!

What is your favorite day of the week?

Later Love Bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas

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