My Daily Affirmations(You Should Try It Too)


I Am A Beautiful Black Queen Who Is Ready To Conquer It All

I Am A Child Of God

Money Consistently Flows Into My Hands

I Am Wonderfully Made

I Am A Strong Educator


I Am Unique

I Am A Great Mother & Wife

I Am Filled With Positive Energy

Affirmations are positive spoken words that we speak onto ourselves and others. Speaking good things onto yourself will have your conscious mind shift any negative thoughts or doubts and have you believe and trust what you are saying to be true.

What are some affirmations you say to yourself on the regular basis?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas
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Book of The Month (June)


Hey guys, can't you believe the month is almost over? Wow, time is going by so fast. The book I chose to read this month is Sarah Jakes(TD Jakes daughter) first book. "Lost and Found" I had this book for years and never fully finished it. This book is off of her blogs that she use to write back in the day. I chose to read this book because of the season that I am currently in. I feel a little lost but i'm in the process of finding myself.

She writes about her challenges she faced. Such as becoming a mom at 14, being in an unhealthy/unfaithful relationship,  and being gossiped about in her church all while being the daughter of a megachurch pastor. Her book also talks about how she shifted her life despite the issues she dealt with. Sometimes you have to go through certain things to be able to find yourself and do better. You also have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

After reading this book, I realized that I should not let my past keep me from my future. Everything that has happened is a lesson learned. That goes for all of us actually. One of the quotes in her book that stuck to me was  "Sometimes we can be unfamiliar with peace that we do whatever we can to jeopardize it".  Our insecurities, doubts, negative energies have made us so immune to it, we feel like it's normal and that we find it hard to be vunerable or at peace.

Although this book seems like a memoir or a "dear diary" entry, you will find certain parts in the book that is a conviction to what you are facing in your life right now.  use her story as motivation to do what you need to do to find what you have lost.

What books have you guys recently read? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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Top 3 Habits To Get Rid Of


According to Google, a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

I know it's hard to just go cold turkey on a few things... its best to do things in moderation. Here are some habits I think WE ALL can benefit from if we let it go.

1) Social Media: We are all living in the times where social media is everywhere. Like I always say, Social Media can be used for good, bad, or entertainment. It is not healthy to be on social media for hours at a time unless you are a content creator and even they don't be on it all day lol. If you wake up first thing in the morning and you are scrolling, you need to stop. If you are about to go to sleep and the last thing you are doing is scrolling, you need to stop. lol Another bad habit is comparing yourself to others on social media. One thing to remember is that everything is not what it seems online. Don't wish or get angry for someone else's life if you don't know their story. If you feel that way, you need to start unfollowing people. Your followers should make you feel good about connecting with them and to feel good about yourself. Long story short, Follow inspirational people or pages.

2) Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts: Life happens whether it is good or bad. It is easier to just think negative or be doubtful on things because let's face it, being positive in this world is hard work. However, you will start seeing things look up once you shift your mindset. I am still a work in progress on that.  One way that you can work on this is everyday you wake up, write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for. After day 3 you will see a difference on what you start thinking about. Remember negative thoughts, bring negative energy AND blocks blessings.

3) Remove Toxic People and Environment: This habit can be very hard to get rid of because most times it's a safe place( not in a good way). I mean this can be a familiar thing. A toxic person can be a partner, family member, or friend whoever. Sometimes you know it's a toxic relationship and you leave but you keep coming back because it's someone that is familiar and makes you feel comfortable even though they don't mean you well. An environment plays that role too. A workplace that is toxic is very hard because that is your stable income, you leave there, you are broke and can't pay your bills etc. (I suggest looking for another job first before leaving) or take that leap of faith(I've also done that lol). Where you live can also be toxic. Only you know what is toxic to you. if it doesn't bring you joy and you find yourself hurting, stressed, doubtful, and thinking negative thoughts, its time to GET RID OF IT!!!!

Did I leave any habits out? What are some habits that you got rid of recently? 

I read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is very informative and gives you a perspective on habits.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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My Favorite Podcasts


Whoever invented Podcasts is a freaking genius!!!! The fact that I can listen to different podcasts depending on my mood and what I am interested in, is amazing. I don't have a lot as of yet, but I am going to tell you guys which ones I listen to faithfully.

Podcasts That I Listen To

Motivation and Inspiration
  • Woman Evolve: Sarah Jakes Roberts
  • TheWifeCode: Valerie Craddock and Tasha Tuck
  • Anaya Ivy

  • The Steve Harvey Morning Show
  • The Breakfast Club

  • Truth for Teachers Podcast: Angela Watson

What are some of your favorite podcasts that you love to listen to? Let me know in the comments.

Later Love Bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas

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Tips For Learning During the Summer

Summer is finally here! I know everyone is excited. However, we have to remember that although summers are for fun and games, we have to make sure that our children minds are still being refreshed. It is said that children forget the basics if not worked on consistently. School was cut short and everyone had to adjust to online school in a matter of weeks. I want my girls to keep working so that when they do go back to school, they are not forgetting what was taught and/or not interested in learning anymore. Below I have jotted down some learning tips and strategies that I will be working on with my girls in the next few days.

Summer Learning Tips

My Daughter Will be Entering First Grade This Fall.

  • Practice writing first and last name (Legible Handwriting) ex. make sure handwriting is neat and on the line, also make sure all letters are written correctly and name is spelled correctly.

  • Practice sight words and sentences. (ex. the, at, a, for, little, like etc)

  • Dictated Art...(Draw a Picture of Anything). Write 5 sentences about the picture. 

  • Practice counting numbers 1-100 and counting by 5's

  • Practice simple addition and subtraction ( *+*=**)( **-*=*)

  • Read for 30 minutes everyday. Make sure it's a book they can read and a book that is a little challenging for them as well.

  • Learn about their African American Culture

My Daughter Will be Entering Fifth Grade This Fall:

  • Practice Multiplication and Division Facts

  • Read for 45min to 1 hr(Chapter Books)

  • Introduce 5 spelling words a week and give a spelling test on Fridays

  • Practice handwriting and cursive too

  • Learn how to mail a letter and write an address on the envelope 

  • Learn about their African American culture.

I will be creating worksheets on my own. But you can find some ideas on Pinterest or find some free worksheets on TeachersPayTeachers. (Google it). 😀

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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My Favorite Shows to Watch on Hulu and Netflix


I hardly watch television unless it's Grey's Anatomy lol. Other than that, I am not watching tv. For the past couple of months, I have been binge watching quite a few shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu. Here are my favorites down below....


1) American Son

2) When They See Us

3) All American

4) Self Made ( Madame CJ Walker)

5) A Fall From Grace

6) Love is Blind


1) Good Girls

2)  Little Fires Everywhere

3)  Big Little Lies

4) Blackish

What are some shows or movies that you like to binge watch? Let me know :)

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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How to Manifest The Life You Want


Hey guys. I hope all is well. This blog post is about how to Manifest the life you want. According to google, Manifest means the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real. If something spiritual becomes real, it is said to be a Manifestation. 

I am a firm believer in manifesting things and situations into my life. I have been practicing this for about 2 years now. Honestly, the things I really focused and spoke into existence without a negative thought or doubtfulness actually came true. Everyone does things differently and I can only speak on what I do to manifest what I want. 

To set the intentions, I make sure that my space is clean and smell fresh. Sometimes I will burn a candle or burn some Frankincense incense.(Frankincense is known to release negative energy)  I then meditate and focus on what I want in my life. During mediation I vision myself having the things I want and how it makes me feel. 

You will need to get you a notebook that inspires you. Oh, and drink some water and clear your mind from any negative thoughts before you start manifesting. 

When you are manifesting or scripting you need to write as if what you want already happened. For example, say you want a new car. In your notebook or journal you will write and be specific ..." I am so happy that I have a black Mercedes. It drives so smooth and the features are amazing. I love the interior and I enjoy driving around town with my friends" In order for this to work, you have to be specific and write as if it already happened. 

 Another thing you can do is create a "Vision Board". I also have one. I bought a poster board and printed out pictures of what I want to accomplish for the year with positive affirmations and glued it on the board. I have it hung up in my bedroom to set as a reminder and motivation to not give up.  You can also create a "Digital Vision Board" which has the same affect as the poster board one except you create a collage of the things you want and save it as a wallpaper on your phone's home screen. That way, you can always see it because let's be real... We always have our phones on us. 

The Law of Attraction is real... Always speak positive things into your life and others!!!!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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Daily Morning Routine


Hey guys. I received a lot of positive feedback on my first blog post on my "quarantine routine" some people stated that some things that I do, have inspired them to do the same. So now, I have decided to break down what I actually do in the mornings before my family wakes up.

6:30am-7:00am: Wake up. I lay in my bed for about 5-10 minutes and scroll on IG and FB. I then check emails and respond to comments and/or text messages. I then proceed to the bathroom and brush my teeth and do my face routine with my Neutrogena products(You can read my previous blog post on my face care routine here)

8:00am-9:00am: I then drink some water and make a cup of coffee and take my vitamins(Very Important). I then do a 5 minute meditation to set my intentions for the day. I go on YouTube and find a meditation video. After that, I usually sit on my dining table bench and write 3-5 things that I am grateful for in my Clever Fox Planner. I also will use this time to read a devotion and my reading plan on my "Bible App". After all of that is complete, I check my planner for what I have to do for the day, I also create a "to do list" if you do not have one WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!? lol.  

9:00am-9:30am:  I go for a walk around my complex. (If its not raining). While I am walking, I am either listening to music or a motivational podcast. 9 out 10 I am listening to a podcast. lol. I am starting slow so I am doing 1 to 1 1/2 miles . 

9:30am-11:45am:  I come back home, and at this time everyone is awake lol. I  take a shower and make something quick to eat. I then proceed to take care of the household or something work related and spend the day being productive with the fam bam. 

Disclaimer: Some days are not this perfect lol. I do sleep in sometimes. Your body will tell you when it is time to take a little rest. Also, I use to beat myself up when everything on my list was not completed. Please don't do that. Just grant yourself grace for the things you do have accomplished. 

Later Love Bugs,

My Black is Beautiful


Hey everyone, this post is coming straight from the heart. It might make sense to some and it might not make sense to others. From the title of this blog, I'm pretty sure you already know what I am going to be addressing.  First and foremost, my deepest condolences not only goes out to George Floyd and his family, but to ALL of my fellow African Americans who lost their lives due to the hands of evil people. This isn't anything new (sadly) the thing is more and more of these evil people are being recorded and exposed THAT IS ALL. Don't think racism is just someone calling us a "N*****" It's getting pulled over in a nice car in a nice neighborhood and being asked "why are you here?" with them not knowing you pay mortgage or rent there. It's an elder caucasian lady clutching her purse a little tighter at the grocery store when an African American man passes by her. It's ignorant people assuming that "ghetto" and "hood" are affiliated with an African American or where they reside. It's when an African American articulates their words and doesn't seem as a threat and is called an "Oreo" smh. The list can go on and on and on. 

I can't speak for anyone else because I clearly don't live their lives. The only thing I can say that we ALL have in common is that we are judged by the color of our skin. NO matter what! It's discriminating, it's hurtful, and it's not God-like. I don't understand how people can preach about God and be "holy" and under the same breath, talk down on other races or have the thought in their mind. 

The sad and crazy thing is that every race has good and bad people. For some reason our Melanin is a threat. Being born in Brooklyn NewYork, and being raised in Miami, Florida and now residing in another part of Florida I see the difference. There are some people that REALLY JUST DON'T KNOW. However, that doesn't mean to be oblivious to the fact. Some are just basically judging a book by its cover without reading it. I remember a naive person I know was telling me about their nephew and how he doesn't behave. I believe he was 4 or 5 at the the time and she was saying how he listens to rap music with curse words, how his parents laugh when he is saying bad words, and just acts ghetto. She then proceeds to say his dad is black and his mom is white. She also proceeded to say that the mom tries to "act black" I quick time cut her off and asked "why are you telling me his dad is black?" She looked very scared at this point and that she should lol. I told her obviously it's not about his dad being black or his mom "acting" black its clearly BAD PARENTING. I for one, did not know that rap and cursing was a "black thing" hmmmmmm. 

What is going on in this nation is embarrassing to what our ancestors thought would have been over, since they were the ones who all fought the good fight for us. The problem starts from home and school. GOD is NOT in the center of most homes and is NOT in our schools (SADLY). Our public schools need to have some clarity on how important GOD is and how he is THE only one that can protect and save our children who then grow up to be adults. Do you really think someone is born a racist or prejudice? Absolutely not. This nasty behavior and mind frame is being  taught. Some people who were born in nice neighborhoods, attended great schools, had the same friends for years, jobs being handed to them because of the people that they know, have NEVER been around anything less than that. They are naive and gullible to the fact that some people are not like that or have it like that? What is mind bobbling is that some always say "well, why can't they work hard like I did?" well some can't because they are not given the same opportunities or chances like others. That is me just being real. We have to work TWICE as hard to get somewhere in life. 

As a mother to two black girls and a wife to a black man. It is my DUTY to protect them in prayer. That is all we have. Back in slavery time. no matter what our ancestors went through, they were always praying and worshipping and having faith in God. I read the Bible but certain parts I also know that everything in the Bible is NOT accurate to an extent. This book was read by others and made for them specifically. ( I will not go into detail, do your research). 

In closing, I pray that this nation seeks God and that we ALL repent. I don't see any good coming out of this. The book of Revelations clearly states what will go on in the nations. sicknesses, diseases, horrific weather conditions including floods, fires, killings,  and fake prophets getting exposed. 

Not all black people are the same. We are all not statistics. Some of us live in good neighborhoods, some of us drive nice cars (because we have a job that actually is legal), some of us have a college degree, some of us do not have "baby daddies", some of us are married, some of us actually take care of our kids, and some of us do not drink or smoke. Please stop assuming and get to know us for us!!! As stated before, we are not all the same!!!! God Bless 

Later love bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas
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