Tips For Learning During the Summer

Summer is finally here! I know everyone is excited. However, we have to remember that although summers are for fun and games, we have to make sure that our children minds are still being refreshed. It is said that children forget the basics if not worked on consistently. School was cut short and everyone had to adjust to online school in a matter of weeks. I want my girls to keep working so that when they do go back to school, they are not forgetting what was taught and/or not interested in learning anymore. Below I have jotted down some learning tips and strategies that I will be working on with my girls in the next few days.

Summer Learning Tips

My Daughter Will be Entering First Grade This Fall.

  • Practice writing first and last name (Legible Handwriting) ex. make sure handwriting is neat and on the line, also make sure all letters are written correctly and name is spelled correctly.

  • Practice sight words and sentences. (ex. the, at, a, for, little, like etc)

  • Dictated Art...(Draw a Picture of Anything). Write 5 sentences about the picture. 

  • Practice counting numbers 1-100 and counting by 5's

  • Practice simple addition and subtraction ( *+*=**)( **-*=*)

  • Read for 30 minutes everyday. Make sure it's a book they can read and a book that is a little challenging for them as well.

  • Learn about their African American Culture

My Daughter Will be Entering Fifth Grade This Fall:

  • Practice Multiplication and Division Facts

  • Read for 45min to 1 hr(Chapter Books)

  • Introduce 5 spelling words a week and give a spelling test on Fridays

  • Practice handwriting and cursive too

  • Learn how to mail a letter and write an address on the envelope 

  • Learn about their African American culture.

I will be creating worksheets on my own. But you can find some ideas on Pinterest or find some free worksheets on TeachersPayTeachers. (Google it). 😀

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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