Top 3 Habits To Get Rid Of

According to Google, a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

I know it's hard to just go cold turkey on a few things... its best to do things in moderation. Here are some habits I think WE ALL can benefit from if we let it go.

1) Social Media: We are all living in the times where social media is everywhere. Like I always say, Social Media can be used for good, bad, or entertainment. It is not healthy to be on social media for hours at a time unless you are a content creator and even they don't be on it all day lol. If you wake up first thing in the morning and you are scrolling, you need to stop. If you are about to go to sleep and the last thing you are doing is scrolling, you need to stop. lol Another bad habit is comparing yourself to others on social media. One thing to remember is that everything is not what it seems online. Don't wish or get angry for someone else's life if you don't know their story. If you feel that way, you need to start unfollowing people. Your followers should make you feel good about connecting with them and to feel good about yourself. Long story short, Follow inspirational people or pages.

2) Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts: Life happens whether it is good or bad. It is easier to just think negative or be doubtful on things because let's face it, being positive in this world is hard work. However, you will start seeing things look up once you shift your mindset. I am still a work in progress on that.  One way that you can work on this is everyday you wake up, write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for. After day 3 you will see a difference on what you start thinking about. Remember negative thoughts, bring negative energy AND blocks blessings.

3) Remove Toxic People and Environment: This habit can be very hard to get rid of because most times it's a safe place( not in a good way). I mean this can be a familiar thing. A toxic person can be a partner, family member, or friend whoever. Sometimes you know it's a toxic relationship and you leave but you keep coming back because it's someone that is familiar and makes you feel comfortable even though they don't mean you well. An environment plays that role too. A workplace that is toxic is very hard because that is your stable income, you leave there, you are broke and can't pay your bills etc. (I suggest looking for another job first before leaving) or take that leap of faith(I've also done that lol). Where you live can also be toxic. Only you know what is toxic to you. if it doesn't bring you joy and you find yourself hurting, stressed, doubtful, and thinking negative thoughts, its time to GET RID OF IT!!!!

Did I leave any habits out? What are some habits that you got rid of recently? 

I read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is very informative and gives you a perspective on habits.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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