Book of The Month (June)

Hey guys, can't you believe the month is almost over? Wow, time is going by so fast. The book I chose to read this month is Sarah Jakes(TD Jakes daughter) first book. "Lost and Found" I had this book for years and never fully finished it. This book is off of her blogs that she use to write back in the day. I chose to read this book because of the season that I am currently in. I feel a little lost but i'm in the process of finding myself.

She writes about her challenges she faced. Such as becoming a mom at 14, being in an unhealthy/unfaithful relationship,  and being gossiped about in her church all while being the daughter of a megachurch pastor. Her book also talks about how she shifted her life despite the issues she dealt with. Sometimes you have to go through certain things to be able to find yourself and do better. You also have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

After reading this book, I realized that I should not let my past keep me from my future. Everything that has happened is a lesson learned. That goes for all of us actually. One of the quotes in her book that stuck to me was  "Sometimes we can be unfamiliar with peace that we do whatever we can to jeopardize it".  Our insecurities, doubts, negative energies have made us so immune to it, we feel like it's normal and that we find it hard to be vunerable or at peace.

Although this book seems like a memoir or a "dear diary" entry, you will find certain parts in the book that is a conviction to what you are facing in your life right now.  use her story as motivation to do what you need to do to find what you have lost.

What books have you guys recently read? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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