My Black is Beautiful

Hey everyone, this post is coming straight from the heart. It might make sense to some and it might not make sense to others. From the title of this blog, I'm pretty sure you already know what I am going to be addressing.  First and foremost, my deepest condolences not only goes out to George Floyd and his family, but to ALL of my fellow African Americans who lost their lives due to the hands of evil people. This isn't anything new (sadly) the thing is more and more of these evil people are being recorded and exposed THAT IS ALL. Don't think racism is just someone calling us a "N*****" It's getting pulled over in a nice car in a nice neighborhood and being asked "why are you here?" with them not knowing you pay mortgage or rent there. It's an elder caucasian lady clutching her purse a little tighter at the grocery store when an African American man passes by her. It's ignorant people assuming that "ghetto" and "hood" are affiliated with an African American or where they reside. It's when an African American articulates their words and doesn't seem as a threat and is called an "Oreo" smh. The list can go on and on and on. 

I can't speak for anyone else because I clearly don't live their lives. The only thing I can say that we ALL have in common is that we are judged by the color of our skin. NO matter what! It's discriminating, it's hurtful, and it's not God-like. I don't understand how people can preach about God and be "holy" and under the same breath, talk down on other races or have the thought in their mind. 

The sad and crazy thing is that every race has good and bad people. For some reason our Melanin is a threat. Being born in Brooklyn NewYork, and being raised in Miami, Florida and now residing in another part of Florida I see the difference. There are some people that REALLY JUST DON'T KNOW. However, that doesn't mean to be oblivious to the fact. Some are just basically judging a book by its cover without reading it. I remember a naive person I know was telling me about their nephew and how he doesn't behave. I believe he was 4 or 5 at the the time and she was saying how he listens to rap music with curse words, how his parents laugh when he is saying bad words, and just acts ghetto. She then proceeds to say his dad is black and his mom is white. She also proceeded to say that the mom tries to "act black" I quick time cut her off and asked "why are you telling me his dad is black?" She looked very scared at this point and that she should lol. I told her obviously it's not about his dad being black or his mom "acting" black its clearly BAD PARENTING. I for one, did not know that rap and cursing was a "black thing" hmmmmmm. 

What is going on in this nation is embarrassing to what our ancestors thought would have been over, since they were the ones who all fought the good fight for us. The problem starts from home and school. GOD is NOT in the center of most homes and is NOT in our schools (SADLY). Our public schools need to have some clarity on how important GOD is and how he is THE only one that can protect and save our children who then grow up to be adults. Do you really think someone is born a racist or prejudice? Absolutely not. This nasty behavior and mind frame is being  taught. Some people who were born in nice neighborhoods, attended great schools, had the same friends for years, jobs being handed to them because of the people that they know, have NEVER been around anything less than that. They are naive and gullible to the fact that some people are not like that or have it like that? What is mind bobbling is that some always say "well, why can't they work hard like I did?" well some can't because they are not given the same opportunities or chances like others. That is me just being real. We have to work TWICE as hard to get somewhere in life. 

As a mother to two black girls and a wife to a black man. It is my DUTY to protect them in prayer. That is all we have. Back in slavery time. no matter what our ancestors went through, they were always praying and worshipping and having faith in God. I read the Bible but certain parts I also know that everything in the Bible is NOT accurate to an extent. This book was read by others and made for them specifically. ( I will not go into detail, do your research). 

In closing, I pray that this nation seeks God and that we ALL repent. I don't see any good coming out of this. The book of Revelations clearly states what will go on in the nations. sicknesses, diseases, horrific weather conditions including floods, fires, killings,  and fake prophets getting exposed. 

Not all black people are the same. We are all not statistics. Some of us live in good neighborhoods, some of us drive nice cars (because we have a job that actually is legal), some of us have a college degree, some of us do not have "baby daddies", some of us are married, some of us actually take care of our kids, and some of us do not drink or smoke. Please stop assuming and get to know us for us!!! As stated before, we are not all the same!!!! God Bless 

Later love bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas
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