Stop Trusting Them... It's Business

Trust is a big word and unfortunately it is used too lightly. Intuition is a serious thing and people ignore it all the time  When you doubt a certain situation or person....TRUST YOUR GUT!!!

Watching the news and reading articles about the pandemic has made me lose respect for those big and small business owners who are taking advantage of their employees and not caring about their well-being. I am hearing some sad situations where staff are not getting paid but yet the owners get approved for loans,(Where is the money really going?), there are employees waking up everyday to go work at places that shouldn't even be open, but they go and risk their lives while the owners are home quarantined with family, and the list goes on. 
It is mind blowing how someone works for a company, gives them their all, and the moment that ish hits the fan, the employee just becomes a number.  

I already heard of a "business owner" on the news going to jail for not paying his employees after getting the loan. He purchased cars, jewelry etc.  The money is NOT for materialistic expenses. I wonder how many more are actually doing this to their staff right now as we speak. 

On a positive note, I am seeing more businesses are opening up and people are getting back to work, that's what's up. Please don't forget to keep the same precautions. Wear gloves, masks, keep hand sanitizer close by, wash your hands frequently and remain 6 feet apart. 

 I hope that whoever is reading this and may be going through this situation or similar to it will trust their gut and start making some moves. 

Later Love Bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas

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ASIA said…
Yes ma'am. I have trust issues too. My ex taught me an extremely valuable and painful lesson, "trust actions not words". Love and loyalty will have you staying in situations (relationship, jobs etc.) that don't serve you.

The way some companies have dealt and are dealing with this pandemic is disgusting. I love my job but the way management handled the pandemic, and how the company handled this pandemic have me making plans and moves that benefit me.

I also feel like this was a spiritual moment to reflect, evaluate, appreciate and reinvent myself.

Elizabeth Jacas said…
Absolutely. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever decision you make to better yourself will be a great one! This is your spiritual awakening ❤️. Thank you for reading my post.