Productive vs. Busy

Hey guys, have you ever wondered what people meant by saying they're "busy"? I never thought about it until recently when I caught myself telling my daughters that "Mommy is busy" when they wanted something. What made me catch myself was when my youngest said that I wasn't really busy at all. She was right. I was on my phone and watching a show on my laptop Smh. 

This really made me stop and think how much time we actually waste! 

Being busy DOES not mean you are being productive. A busy person in my opinion is someone who is juggling multiple things at once with no sense of time management or organizational skills. This can lead to burn out and stress. You can literally spend your whole day being  "busy" but yet still feel like nothing was done at the end of the day.  Whereas being productive, you set a time frame for things to get done, you create  "to do lists", you prioritize your list from most important to least important and so forth. 

Before this pandemic, I thought I was being productive because  I was busy. But in reality, I was actually burned out by the end of the day and I would always say to my husband that I feel like I didn't accomplish anything today. Even though, I went to work, came home, cooked, clean, took care of the girls, studied or read a book, I still didn't feel like I did anything. I wanted to start working on creating my blog page and other projects but I was so tired and put it on the back burner for another day or so.

Now,  I started self reflecting and really getting in tune with myself, I realized that I needed to find a purpose in what I was doing throughout the day. Yes, my family and work is my purpose, but I mean overall.

What worked for me was literally creating a "to do list" and a time frame on everything that I can control. I prioritized each category and marked them off as they were accomplished. If I had a project or task that needed to be done by a certain day, I started on it right away, I worked on it little by little each day and by the time it was  due, I was all done. 

My views on a lot of things have clearly changed and I am here to let you know that these steps actually work.  I feel so motivated to do more, and I actually feel like there is more time in the day for me to spend with my husband and girls. Another thing that has helped with this productive lifestyle, is waking up before everyone in the household. I try to get up everyday at least by 6:30am the latest. I know some of you are thinking "heck no" but I promise you that by 10am, all of my important tasks are completed. plus, what's sleep if you're on the grind right?

Don't let these crazies tell you that being busy is winning. In fact, it is not. Being productive is Winning. 

Don't Work Hard, Work Smart

Later love bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas
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