What To Do During Your Healing Journey?

    Healing is something I feel like people are so scared to speak on. Healing doesn't necessarily only associate with if you are sick. I say that because my initial thought was just that. However, in the given months, I felt an urge, more so like a tugging feeling of uneasiness. I thought it was me being stressed or just feeling overwhelmed, however after praying, journaling, and watching a few TiK ToKs lol, I realized that I was (actually still am) in a seasonal depression situation. It's very normal and speaking to a few people, they have experienced it as well. So, for me I decided to take a few measures to help battle that and I am calling it my "healing" journey. There are a few signs that kind of tell you something needs to be healed. For example, for me I'm always vibrating on low energy, I catch myself gravitting towards my bed and just wanting to be left alone. I would find myself comparing myself to others and just feeling some type of way(I'm pretty sure everyone has felt that imposter syndrome). I also felt like I wasn't doing enough as far as my choice in career (teaching), the entrepreneur side (blogging and my body scrub line). I think sometimes I am just doing too much and get myself overwhelmed which can ALSO cause seasonal depression because I am not meeting the goal(s) I want to reach in a timely manner. So during this journey, this is what I am doing and what has been working for me.

    Think about what it is that is making you feel the way you feel... Just like AA, the first step to your problem or situation, is admitting there is an issue. What I did to get this done was I took my journal and my notes app on my phone and wrote down EVERYTHING that I was feeling (uncut). Once I addressed the feeling. I started to find different ways/resources to help me in my healing journey.

    Get rid of any distractions.... For me, the main distraction is social media. Although is vital for me to keep it because that is how I am easily able to promote my blogs and other business ventures, It is also vital for me to step back when needed. I felt more stressed and sad every time I logged off. My spirit was NOT where it should be and its not a good feeling.To piggy back off of that, I also started muting accounts that I felt made me feel some type of way too. 

    Read More... I noticed when I took breaks off of social media, I had more time to read and ACTUALLY finish a book. Reading has become one of the things I enjoy doing. I even am thinking about joining a book club online. I am officially a book girlie hahaha.

    Write down your feelings...I am BIG on this. I love to write (hence, I'm a blogger). I believe that writing  down how you are feeling whether good or bad is a good thing to look back on especially years later. There were plenty of things I wrote about years ago that I thought I would never get over and obviously, I did. You can use a journal, the notes app on your phone...Just to name a few.

    Sit still and in silence... I say this because, when you are sitting still and silent, that is when you will hear from God. I am telling you!!! Imagine if you are trying to talk to someone and there is so much noise and distractions around you. DO you think the person you are speaking to can hear you? Absolutely not, they will either hear wrong or struggle to understand(it's giving confused) and God is not a confusing God.  So imagine how God is feeling when he WANTS to speak to us and we are distracted with other things and people but we are not focused on him? Take this time to listen to him, pray more, fast more, and just enjoy your time with God. 

    Learn yourself...This is especially important because believe it or not, as individuals, we all change. Certain things we used to like, we probably don't like anymore. Our taste in music, food, places, even people change. It's good to learn yourself again. By doing so, you will be able to establish boundaries and set limits on things. My boundaries have changed with things I would do or not do especially at work. My messages are muted the moment I clock out. If something is going on and its my day off, I am NOT there lol. Set your boundaries and NEVER feel bad about doing so. 

    Choose your environment... I know it is easier said than done. We all can't just up and leave our homes or jobs. However, whenever I feel like I am stagnant or need a reset, I always go near water or sit in my patio. Those two things are my sanctuary. My family knows that too. Something about the ocean brings me peace and happiness. Your environment plays a huge role in the way you feel too. Choose wisely.

Hope you enjoyed this blog,
Elizabeth Jacas