What are the benefits of practical self-care?

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Disclaimer: I am not a life coach or mental health professional. I am not licensed in anything related to this blog. I am just sharing what works for me and hopefully for you too :) 

    When you hear the words "Self-Care" what do you think it means? For some people (myself included in the beginning), thought self-care was ONLY about getting serviced. For example, getting nails or hair done, massages and the list of services can go on and on. But tell me this...did you know there are 7 Types of Self-Care?






Practical(which this blog is about)



    When I think of Practical Self-Care, it's basically something being obvious or something being effective. So when you think of practical self-care, it's things that you are familiar with and know what the outcome would be. Out of the 7 types of self-care "practical self-care" is one of my top 3.


    With practical self-care you are able to control how you want to feel by having effective techniques that works for you and makes your day run smoothly. Did you realize I said control how "YOU" want to feel? I reiterated it because we have NO control on things that happen, but we can control our feelings towards it. Practical self-care can be for anyone, but in my opinion, this type of self-care works best for the "busy person" or even a college student. 


    There are a few practical things that we all do without thinking how effective it is for us . For example, working full-time, running a business, and blog is already taking up most of my day. So, what helps me during the work and school week (I have children) is prepping their snacks the night before. I also have my girls put out their clothes the night before as well. For me, I have my work bag and clothes set out and that makes my mornings super easy and I don't feel rushed. I even have my journal, devotional book, pen and highlighter already on the table for my quiet time before going to work. 

    Another thing that works great for me is cleaning up my place before bed. There is something about waking up to a clean home, that just motivates and sets my mood straight to productive mode. I could be super tired, but I would force myself to clean up, or wake up a little earlier to do a quick tidy up session. I am a firm believer that your mood can be based on how your environment looks as well. 

    Remember self-care is based on what works best for you and how it makes you feel. Some examples of practical self-care can include but not limited to....

-Cleaning up your apartment

-Getting clothes, work/school bag ready the night before

-Meal prepping

-Planning daily activities (to do list)

-Decluttering devices ( erasing old pictures, emails etc)


    I hope this blog gives you some insight on how to implement or incorporate some of these tips or techniques into your daily lives to help your day/lives run smoother. I believe in "working smarter not harder"

Yours Truly,

Elizabeth Jacas

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Jules said…
I love this read. There’s definitely a misconception when it comes to self care. Glad it’s something we are starting to talk about more.