Happy International Women's Day! 

    It has been a while since I posted a blog for you all. I have been doing a lot of self care and spending quiet time with God. My self care routine has changed and its not just getting my nails done etc lol... I'm doing a lot of self reflection and soul searching(this will be another blog post). Today, I want to celebrate myself and other women who are doing the damn thing... 

    Being a women is not easy. It's not easy because believe it or not, we have so many hats to wear. We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, bosses and the list goes on. With each hat that we wear, we strive to be perfect and well put together. 

    One thing I can say about women, is that we know how to handle any situation and make it work. I mean God did create a woman to hold Adam down and to make him complete. We are so good that we can even manipulate a man to eat forbidden apples and ish lol. We are strong minded and willing.  Which brings me to my next point. Sometimes as women, we put ourselves down because we feel as though we are TOO strong minded or TOO opinionated when in fact, we are just very passionate about what we want lol. 

    What I don't see enough of is "women empowerment" We are often comparing ourselves to the next woman and worrying about what she has or what she is doing. We become very "catty and judgmental" (we all do it so let's not point fingers lol). Instead,  we should compliment each other. Help each other out. Have you ever read that quote that said "Fix another queen's crown without telling the world it was crooked" That's what we should be doing. There's enough money out here for us all to get it. We should really help one another in securing the bags. Not making fun of downfalls or mistakes. 

    As a woman, Do you struggle with being friends or cordial with other women? It's ok to be honest. I think we all had situations where we felt a little uneasy around other women lol. Here are some tips on how to have that"Women Empowerment" we all want and crave so bad. 

1-Surround yourself with like-minded women(sharing the same goals or values can help you be accountable for one another)

2-Be vulnerable and ask for help ( you never know, some women may have went through something similar to you and can be a guide/helping hand)

3-Celebrate not only your wins, but hers too and be genuinely happy about it.

4-Speak life into your group of women friends. Pray. Pray. Pray. Always place God in the center.

        Again, Happy International Women's Day! If you have gotten this far in the post, you must've enjoyed it lol. Go ahead and share this post with all the women that you know. One person can make a difference, imagine a whole community :) See you in the comments.