How To Stay Grounded During The Season Of Loneliness


    We've all been there before or maybe you are going through it now. The season of loneliness is no stranger. You may feel like no one cares. You may realize that people have been distant, even social gatherings become a thing in the past. I am here to say that you are NOT alone. There are plenty of reasons why anyone could be going through the "Season of Loneliness"

  God is wanting to speak with you

    Did you know that God is a jealous God? How do you think he feels when he is providing you with so many blessings, answering all of your prayers, WAKING YOU UP EVERY MORNING and you don't ever show him that you are grateful, you don't spend "quiet time" with him, you don't show up for him at all? That's a slap to his face (literally). You are so consumed with the world and the things and people in it, that the one way that God knows you will reach out to him, is when he takes that all away. Bottom line is spend time with God ALWAYS. Good times and bad times.


    Do you have a dream or maybe a goal? Do you think that being distracted by friends, family, social media etc might be taking up most of your time? That time could've been productively used to work on your dream or your goal. Sometimes, our season of loneliness is  preparing us to work on ourselves and the things we want to accomplish. You may feel overwhelmed with anxiety etc and constantly being around different people. There is no time to sit still and reflect. So being in a solitude state can also help you become a better version of yourself. It's perfectly normal to be lonely. Some may experience it for longer periods of time and some may not. However, the time is a good one to reevaluate and prepare for the new things that are coming into your life. 

    I pray that this season of loneliness does not make you feel overwhelmed, depressed or stressed. I pray that it makes you motivated and even more committed to God and everything that he does for you. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas