First Time Visiting A Food Truck Event ( Summer To Do List)

 This post is NOT sponsored and everything written is my personal review and experience.

        One of the things that I wanted to do this summer was to visit at least one food truck event in my city or nearby. I also have a list of other ideas for the summer check out my other blog post   Fun Things To Do As A Family This Summer Our family has never been to one and when I saw that there was an event that occurs only on the first Friday of the month, I knew we would be able to visit and give it a shot. 


It was quite a turn out especially for this quiet town. I thought there could've been more trucks but I guess for the amount of people there, it was okay. We only purchased food from two trucks. A Jamaican one and a Wings one.  In my opinion, if you are dealing with customers and they are PAYING you, then your energy should be different. 

My rice tasted like "leftovers"and it was hard. The chicken was not seasoned like how I would do it and the "hairs" from the chicken wings was still on there (smh). The cabbage was definitely bagged cabbage from Publix or something lol.



    My husband tried the boneless bbq wings and fries. The chicken in our opinion was just sautéed and smothered in bbq sauce. I did not taste any seasonings at all. I feel like the food could've been better. The fries definitely tasted like deep fryer oil. That is also a "no" for us. 

    One thing I would say is that this monthly event is something good to do with family and friends. It's a good environment to just go out and have a good time.  I am also happy to see a lot of entrepreneurs handling their business. But like I stated, the ones we purchased from, could've been a little more friendly. IF we decide to go again, we will not go to those two trucks. A taco truck is next on my summer list.



Have you ever ate at a food truck? How was your experience?
Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas