Our Summer With The Avenli Pool -Elizabeth Jacas

    We purchased an Avenli pool 

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    Ya'll when I tell you we are going to try so many new things this summer, I mean everrrrrything! The other day, my husband had a grand idea of having our own mini pool in our patio. Sometimes, we don't feel like going to the pool in our complex, we just want to be in the comfort of our own home and by ourselves. 
We ordered the Avenli Pool from Amazon and it was very inexpensive. There are quite a few different sizes, we just got what worked for our size family and we took into consideration of the size of our patio.

What it includes

    This pool does NOT include a pump so we purchased one at Walmart. Also, we don't have a water hose because we are in an apartment, so we had to fill buckets of water from our tub to fill up this pool. LOTS OF WORK. If you have a backyard and a water hose, then you will be fine lol. My husband took plenty of trips to fill this pool up. But it was definitely worth it.


    We love this pool and we want to keep it for a long time. My husband did some research on how to maintain pool water, and because its not that big, the maintenance is very minimal. We took a trip to our local pool store and bought a bottle of chlorine, a spa cleanser, and test strips. Since our pool is not that big, we only use an ounce or two of chlorine once a week. It's very easy work to keep the water clean and keep us safe from any bacteria etc.

What do we think?

    We love our pool. In fact, our daughters are in there for hours at a time. It is well worth our money and we purchased it at great time to kick off summer break. I highly recommend this pool.