Fun Things To Do As A Family This Summer

     Another school year has come to an end. I can't believe how fast the year went for my girls. I know that they will expect to do so much and it's time for me to start planning some things for just us girls to do together and as family with daddy lol. I decided to share some ideas that you all can do with your families too. I am not sure of when school ends for you guys but ours end the last week of May. So technically, my girls have 2 whole months off. I am going to definitely implement some type of educational activity. But for the most part, they are going to have fun.

    I know this is a time where families usually take vacations and what not, but I am also going to include things to do at home or in your local community. 

Things to do at home

1) Cook/bake together

2) Play board games

3) Paint (you can buy a canvas for everyone at Dollar Tree along with some acrylic paint from Walmart and watch a Youtube video with an easy painting tutorial that the whole family can do)

4) Tye Dye..This is super fun. You can buy a kit at your local Wlamrt or craft store. You can basically the dye anything. We did this last year and we all had a great time check it out here Fun Summer Activity For The Family (Tie Dye Shirts).

5) Slumber Party in the living room or master bedroom. Bring in the treats, drinks, movies, and wear your PJ's.

6) Arts and Crafts. There are plenty of inexpensive materials that will allow you create almost anything. 

7) Record a dance video 

Things to do outside of home

1) Beach/Water park

2) Park

3) Picnics

4) Go on a walk around your neighborhood or if your are adventurous, go on a nature walk at your local park trail.

5) Visit family 

6) Staycations (Spend a night or 2 at a local hotel or love hotels for some reason)

7) Family vacations (always check online for deals and discounts)