Positivity Tips and Tricks

    One thing I know that is hard to do and I am pretty sure you all agree with me, is that being positive is a challenge. It's a mindset that we have to work on shifting all of the time. I am still working on shifting my mindset to be positive because let's face it, we all have things or situations that we are dealt with. However, I have found ways that may help with switching up the negative vibes and I hope that they can also work for you :)....

    First things first, find out what triggers your energy. Think of it as an. "AA"meeting. The first thing an addict needs to do is address their addiction and accept it, that is only when they can work on changing. So think of what triggers your vibes when you get into that negative mindset. Once you figure it out, then you can find different strategies to implement into your lifestyle, that can help maintain your positive energy. 

Let Things/People Go
    I know it sounds harsh but sometimes, you have to let things or people go. If you are following someone on social media and you feel a negative vibe from them or maybe you feel like you are being negative when you see their posts...I think it's time for you to let that go sis. The same thing applies to people in real life. Friends and family can also be toxic.. ALWAYS remember that. Other things that you may feel like you need to let go could be your job, your environment, and the list goes on. I have a post talking about "Comparison"  which also correlates to vibes...Click Here to read it.

Mediate and Thank God for His Blessings
    I can't stress this enough... I have so many blog posts talking about meditating and being grateful. You will not truly be in a positive head space until you practice these two strategies faithfully. Giving thanks and showing God how grateful you are puts things in a different perspective for you. No need to purchase apps for meditating...Go on Youtube and type in "mediation for beginners"

Surround Yourself With Positive People
    Another way you can remain positive, is by being around people that will elevate and motivate you. You ever heard the quote "You are who you hang out with" EXACTLY! 

    These are my top three strategies that I follow and they have been working for me. As I stated before, It is hard to remain positive when life throws lemons but guess what? Use what you have and make you some lemonade. 
    I hope these strategies will help you... Always remember... Positive Vibes Only!! My eBook is still available on Amazon. Click here You Got This Girl!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas