You Choose Your Own Happiness...Nobody Else Does!

 Ever heard the saying  "People can't make you happy" I am pretty sure you have. Now, there is a difference between family and friends that can make you happy. I get that, but even they let you down at some point. I am talking about true happiness from within that only you can give yourself. When I was younger, I always looked to individuals for happiness... I felt like I couldn't have fun or do anything without being around someone or a group of people. When my husband and I first started dating I use to always get upset with him for the smallest things and he always told me "I can't always make me happy" I have to make myself happy. He sometimes tells me that now too. I have been thinking really hard about this topic because we do not know how many people are secretly fighting with this issue. I had a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day and she expressed to me how she isn't happy. I felt compelled to speak life into her because living everyday in a depressing state must not be good. I know quite a few people including myself that feels trapped sometimes and most of it comes from "parenting" we are TIRED lol. Simple as that. I can say I started putting myself first last year during the pandemic. It was then when I realized how happy I started becoming and less stressed when I did that. I started researching ways to be more relaxed and less stressed, and more importantly.... HAPPY. Below, I have written down a few tips on what makes me happy and what steps I am still taking to make this an active lifestyle. You can take some tips that works for you and leave the rest... 

    Remember, this what I do and what works for me :) 

Treat Yourself
    Sometimes, we just need a little TLC... 
-I enjoy getting my nails done with a pedicure ALONE lol. I sometimes take my girls with me, but majority of the time it's me by myself. 

-I also enjoy bubble baths with wine... It's a vibe!!!! Set your mood (candles, music, or bring the laptop in the bathroom and watch a show or a movie).

- I have also just became a plant mom. I heard great things about plants and how they make us feel. 

-Another thing, if your pockets let you, take yourself shopping... Buy something for YOURSELF... I usually buy home decor or treat myself to some clothes etc. ONLY IF YOUR POCKETS LET YOU....We still got bills and mouths to feed sis lol...

Self-Care From Within
     I am still working on this. 
-Sit in silence first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. 

-If you don't have one already, purchase a journal and use it as a gratitude journal. I suggest writing 3-5 things you are grateful for everyday and you will see how your energy and mood shifts. 

-Mediation is also very helpful. It helps you to relax however, make sure you are not distracted... this is an issue that I have now. My mind wanders... (I'm still a work in progress).  

-Stretching and Yoga is good too. I fell off with this, but I remember when I use to do it along with meditating, I was relaxed and felt happier throughout the day. 

AFFIRMATIONS and MANIFESTATIONS....Speak good things to yourself. You want to be happy say this "I love how happy I am" "I WILL be happy"

    Another IMPORTANT factor in being happy is to do what the hell you want! If it makes you happy and you or anyone else is not getting hurt... DO THE DAMN THING. Buy that luxury purse, go on that trip, go to that new restaurant, change your phone number, get that new apartment/house, purchase that car... unfollow, mute, or block that person or people from social media etc...THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

I know happiness is hard to come by especially if life struggles prohibit you from it. Always seek professional help if you can't seem to shake it off...  

If you haven't already, I wrote an eBook on how to manage your self within... basically getting your "ish" together and not feeling bad about it. You Got This Girl! is available on Amazon... You can either click the link here or on the side bar. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


Tyerra Watkins said…
Elizabeth jacas blog is the real deal reading her blog helped me with approving with motherhood , self love and relationship as well. These were things I was definitely battling with a lot. After reading her blogs they helped me so much.
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Thank you so much... I am here to uplift as much as I can.