Disney Trip 2021 (Here's What You Need To Know Before You Visit)

 Spring Break is FINALLY here. Last year, everything was shut down and we all were stuck at home. Here we are a year later, and this virus is still around however, it's not stopping people from going out and enjoying themselves. (With caution). A few days ago, my family and I decided to take a trip to Orlando and go to Disney World. Let's just say it was very different, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. In this blog, I will tell you a few things to expect if you decide to go to Disney real soon. 

VERY IMPORTANT...Download the Disney World App as well as the Magic Guide App. Disclaimer: I am not an annual pass holder, so I'm not sure if there is a different protocol to getting into the parks. 

(Disney World App) This is where you will purchase your tickets. Due to Covid and their restrictions,they are only accommodating half of capacity than usual. So along with your ticket purchase, you must reserve your spot and EVERYONE in your party. If you purchase a ticket without a reservation, you will not be able to go into the park. So please be mindful and remember to book your tickets AND reservations. For reassurance, I would call customer service and have them double check that everything is good to go. 

Also, On this App you will also make food reservations. You are no longer able to just walk into a restaurant and order food. You will click on "Mobile Food Orders" and find the restaurant that you and your party would like to eat at. Remember, not all restaurants are open either. On the app, you will find an open for business restaurant and order your meal(s). You will choose the time that you want to pick up your food and pay on the app. You will get notified when your food is being prepared and when it is ready for pickup. You will also have to show the worker at the door your confirmation because that is the only way you will get in. You have a choice to either dine in or not but just remember it's on a first come first serve basis... there can be a possibility that there are no available tables. 

(Magic Guide App) This app is a lifesaver. It shows you a map for ALL of the 4 parks. The dates and hours they are open, Restaurants that are open and closed (even the ones at Disney Springs), and best of all the WAIT TIMES for the rides. This came in handy for us because if you didn't know, the "Fast Pass" is currently suspended until further notice. The Fast Pass is a system in which you would reserve your access to rides at the parks with shorter line wait times than those who do not have fast passes with longer line wait times. So with this app, It can tell us how long the wait time is per attraction ride. This helps big time.  

These are the cards we used to enter the park. Each member of your party needs one. This is your "Ticket AND Reservation" that I talked about earlier. If you don't want the cars, you can purchase theMagic Bands which will give you the same access to everything as the cards. You can also customize them. I am not too certain of all of the perks, but, I do know you automatically receive one if you are an annual pass holder. 

A Few of Our Favorite Rides

Extra Tips To Know
If you book at one of the Disney Resorts, We booked at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace  You will be able to use the shuttle bus that will take you to any of the parks, just make sure to grab a bus schedule for the dates and times. We used the Shuttle Bus service and it was a great experience. The bus was comfortable, AC was blowing, and they played a Disney Movie.
(Our view of Disney Springs from the 10th floor)

Also, Disney is VERY Strict about wearing masks. If they find you without a mask on, you will be asked to leave. There are "Relaxation Stations" where you are allowed to remove your masks to eat or drink (Must be stationary) with social distancing of course. Sn: Masks are to be worn EVEN when you are taking pictures and the characters are NOT walking around like they use too. You may see one or two in a secluded area where they allow you to just wave or take a far away picture.

We had a great time at Disney's Magic Kingdom and will definitely go back and visit the other parks. I hope this blog helped you plan your trip accordingly.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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