DIY Patio Makeover

Another thing I love about spring time cleaning, is that it makes you want to change things up. On a random Saturday afternoon, my husband came into our room and asked me if I wanted to go with him to Home Depot for a price check on something... little did I know, he had a whole idea in mind. His vision was to change our patio to an "outside vibe" He transformed our patio in 2 days and I am in love with it. We spent less than $600 for EVERYTHING. 

Artificial Grass & Outside Screen Roller Shades

For the artificial grass, be sure to measure because it can get pricey.
 Our patio was measured at 8ft by 12ft and it was about $160. We had a little bit left at the trim, but not too much. We also purchased some roller shades. I love this because as you can see in the picture below there isn't that much privacy when are neighbors are walking by or drivers passing through. That was another reason why I never really sat out on my patio but with this roller screen I can sit outside without anyone really knowing AND block the sun.

Before picture of our screen

Installing the Roller Shades

After Installation :)

On the bottom part of the screen, my husband found a "Weed Blocker"(Not Pictured) and taped it underneath. That will prevent dirt from coming in.

Hubby wanted to mount a TV on the wall for whenever we want to watch a movie outdoors. 

The girls didn't waste anytime lol.

We got our patio set from Big Lots. Very inexpensive and a huge variety of furniture pieces to choose from. We are still going to add a few more touches, but this is what we have for now and I am loving it.

Are there any home improvement ideas you may want to tackle during this season? if so, let me know.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas