Tips on How To Stop Being Stressed

It has been a whole year and some weeks since the pandemic first happened and I must say a lot of things have changed and became the "new normal" sadly. One thing I do know for a fact, is that some people's stress levels has most likely gone sky high and may possibly still be rising. Certain things we can control and certain things we can not. However, we can try to make the best of a situation or how I like to say "go with the flow" A lot of things and relationships have been tested during this whole pandemic. AND a lot of businesses and ideas have been birthed too. We all realized who really was in our corners all along and what jobs truly appreciated our services. I always say this pandemic is a gift and a curse as well as a blessing in. disguise. For some, the pandemic has nothing to do with your stress it could be something totally different. For me, It's both. I learned how to not give a F*** about those who have not been in my corner or who portrayed to be. I'm not with the mending friendship/ or work relationship BS anymore. I am too grown for that. I am worried about my paper, my husband, kids, and immediate family.YOU SHOULD BE TOO. There is plenty of money out here in these streets to be wasting time lol. Here are some tips that I try to follow on the daily to release some stress from my body and mind. Hopefully these can help you out as well.

1) Surround yourself with positive minded people. All the negative speaking people SHOULD not be in your aura. (you know who they are)

2) Take FREQUENT mental health days. NO JOB is worth your mental health. If you need a day off from your kids or husband, ask him to take the kids out for the day or call up the grandparents, or even check in to a hotel for the day (I am planning to do that soon)

3) Be careful what you watch on television and on social media. Some people's lives may trigger your peace. If you feel like you are slowly starting to compare your life to theirs or if you feel like you are getting jealous STOP WATCHING or UNFOLLOW.

4) I do this ALL THE TIME...SAGE SAGE SAGE your aura AND your space. Whenever I feel my energy is low(especially after work) I quick time sage my body head to toe and sage my home. I release that negative spirit.

5) BREATHE. Take deep breaths, meditate, and drink ice cold water

6) Cold showers work wonders

7) Sit in silence and alone... Listen to water sounds or wind and just relax 

8) Have a "I don't Give a F*** attitude" with whoever means you no good. (you will know who they are)

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas