Signs That You're Spiritually Disconnected

Happy Wednesday guys!! I hope you all are well and safe. Today's blog has been sitting real heavy on my heart and I think its because I too have been feeling spiritually disconnected and I also feel like someone reading this, may have been feeling this way as well. To begin, I am no way shape or form a religious person, I am spiritual. Meaning, I don't identify with a religion. I identify with my spirituality in other words, I believe in God and I believe Jesus is God's son and he sacrificed his life for my sins. Okay, here's the deal... we have all been feeling some type of disconnection especially with what's going around the world on top of our daily struggles whether it be at home, work, or school etc. Sometimes or most times, we find ourselves losing patience very quickly, lashing out, waking up and going to bed upset, and just being in a funk. That is called being "Spiritually Disconnected" I never understood it until I myself went through some things and felt all of those emotions. Not only did I feel the emotions I was not getting any better. I wanted to lay in bed all day and scroll through social media and eat Ice Cream... because that made me "feel" good.... And you know what?  It did make me feel good, but only for a few hours. Then I went back into that negative space and just dealt with it. 

As humans, mostly women, we tend to hide our emotions and just hold everything in until we explode. Obviously it is not good. Something is causing us to feel empty inside and to be honest, its not what we are going through that is keeping us in that bubble. Its the fact that we are NOT putting God in the center of our lives ESPECIALLY in the center of our problems. I noticed the moment I fell to my knees and prayed to God and let it all out, I started to slowly feel myself again, I started to become more tolerable to things, I started gaining more patience, and I started to feel much more motivated. If you didn't know, God is a jealous God. He does not want us to put anything to anyone above him and we always tend to forget that because our lives are "too busy." We have to remember to always pray because God will make a way. He will never give us too much that we can not bare. I hope these tips will help you connect with your spirituality. 

5 Signs That You Are Spiritually Disconnected

1- Lack of Patience

2- Heavy Heart

3- Emotional Roller Coaster

4- Always Angry

5- Constant Negative Thoughts

5 Ways to be Spiritually Connected

1- Pray Daily(talk to God like you would a friend) be yourself

2- Write Your Feelings in a Journal


4- Burn Incense (Frankincense is really good)

5- Shift your mindset every time you feel negative energy 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas