3 Things That Brought Me Joy This Past Week


Ya'll your girl has really been slacking. I missed two weeks of my series "What Brought Me Joy This Past Week" life happens and I was NOT going to overwhelm myself. Don't get it twisted, a lot has happened and I am truly grateful for it all. I was enjoying my family and just relaxing and binge watching Grey's Anatomy... AGAIN!!! Hahahaha. I find it hard to not find something to be grateful for everyday. I make sure to find something big or little to show my gratitude to God. 

What has brought me joy?

1) Adsense Approval: Any blogger can understand how happy I am because the waiting game on getting ads on blogs takes so long. You have to write a certain amount of blog posts and traffic to even get close to applying for Adsense and I must say I have pushed very har with releasing content and being consistent  especially when I got disapproved more than 4 times. 

2) Giveaway Winner: I won a Scholastics Book giveaway on my teacher instagram page. I was not expecting to win new books for my class. I am truly happy about that because starting fresh in a blended classroom with Kindergarten and First Grade with very limited resources and books can be a bit overwhelming if you don't have the passion and mindset for this field.

3) Back To School: My daughters went back to on campus. My husband had planned to send our girls after the Holidays, but as a mom and teacher. I felt like my oldest needed to be in the classroom not only to be more focused, but to be around her peers. This will be her last year in elementary school, and I want to her to socialize with her friends. I trust that the school is taking the proper procedures and I KNOW the principal will take all necessary precautions to keep her students and staff safe and healthy.

I hope you all had a great week. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas