Day In The Life Of A Lifestyle Blogger

Hey ya'll it has been a hot minute since I posted a blog. Your girl has been trying to balance teacher life, mom and wife life, and find some time for myself. I am almost there with balancing it all. A lot of exciting things has happen though. For one, I finally got approved to have Ads on my blogs (huge accomplishment) and some other things which I will talk about in later blogs. I am going to continue to push content and educate myself on getting better at blogging. For this post I have decided to fill you all in on my day as a lifestyle blogger. I know before I took blogging seriously, I researched so many blog topics, bloggers on YouTube, and how their days were. So I would hope that a future blogger happens to stumble on this post and gain some insight. 

During the week, I am a teacher and if I do post during the week now, it is a miracle lol. Monday-Friday seems to be an organized mess and my main focus is my 9-5 and not the blog. I may come across some picture ideas or blog post topics during the week, but I save those ideas for the weekend. 

First things first, do not force the content. If you are not passionate about what you are going to post or took some serious time planning, then you need to step back for a few days and meditate on it. I say this because I had made a schedule before I went back to work that I will post every Tuesday and Thursday and there were plenty of times where I got writer's block because I did not know what to post. I felt obligated to post a blog because of the days that I told myself I would post. Don't do it!!!!   

My weekends are usually planned for the most part (laundry, clean the apartment, cook breakfast etc) Here is a break down of a day in the life of a lifestyle blogger 

Saturday 10/17/2020

6:30-7:30am: Woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth(showered around 12am), open living room blinds & curtains

7:30-8:15am: Got dressed for the day. Picked out an outfit for pictures later. Prayed and meditated 

8:15am-9:40am: Cleaned out my car. Got Gas. Did an oil change

10:00-11:15am: Went to the library to return a book. Went  to 2 dollar trees for some leaves for a project I'm doing with my class on Monday.

11:15-11:25am: Dunkin Donut Run... (I need my daily coffee dose lol)

11:25-11:55am: Cooked breakfast for the fam and we all ate (waffles, eggs, bacon & sausage)

11:55am-12:55pm: Watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix

12:55-2:00pm: Changed clothes and took some pics for the blog in my living room

2:00pm-3:00pm: Wrote, edited, and posted my blog. Promoted my blog post on IG, Facebook, and Pinterest.

3:00pm- Spent the rest of the day with the fam bam

It may seem like an easy day but I also have 2 kids and a husband so in between all of that, I may have paused and tended to their needs. We have to make it work. 
As you can see she loves to bother me when I am working.

Also another thing I want to mention is that you DO NOT need a lot of equipment starting off. I started off with just my phone and laptop. I now have a selfie stick with remote(lifesaver) and my husband invested in me and got me a ring light. Those will help you along with some photo apps and you will be good to go. 


Thank you for reading! 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas