What Brought Me Joy This Past Week (Week 6)

Happy Sunday guys!!! Im back for another week of reflection and gratitude for the past week. I hope you all had a great one like I did. This week I have quite a few things that brought me joy :)

1) Paid another credit card off
Listen ya'll, your girl is NOT playing about being financially free. I am so blessed to have the ability to pay off credit cards on the weekly basis and boost up my credit score even higher. Financial freedom is VERY important.

2) 2 blog interviews in one week
I am taking this blog site very serious and I am so proud of the accomplishments that I have made.I was blessed enough to interview 2 woman go getters who are changing the game in their own way. I have one interview posted already with Mental Health Advocate, Ashley Bianca Jones go ahead and click it. The 2nd interview will be posted later this week (It's a good one)

3) Accomplished all of my goals in my planner
One of my goals for the month of September was to have a "me day" and I finally had a couple of hours to myself to get a pedicure and healthy nails. Last week, I had set a goal to accomplish all of my daily tasks Monday-Saturday and if I sticked to it, I would get my nails done as a reward to myself.

4) Fitness
I worked out everyday this week and there were days were I felt so tired and unmotivated, but I forced myself. Although it was a 15 minute walking workout on YouTube, I feel real good about completing the workouts. Next week, I will try to make it 30 minutes everyday.

5) Reading
I fell off the reading wagon. I had set a goal to read at least 12 books for the year and I have been on my fourth book for 2 months now lol. I am so proud of myself for reading a chapter everyday this week. I will now try to read 2 chapters a day and get back on track.

I think this was one of my greatest weeks because I had set small goals and rewarded myself for accomplishing them. A reminder for when you set goals, make sure they are realistic and if you don't get to accomplish them all, please just grant yourself some grace for getting something done.

How was your week? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


EJewels said…
I am so happy you’re staying consistent and doing what brings you joy. I need to get back on the reading wagon sis! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Anywho, I really enjoyed this blog post. 💞
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Thank you for always showing support sis :)