DIY Candle Wax Melts

I love me a good candle, however I always find myself having an issue when it is almost done. I can never get it to burn anymore when there is clearly enough wax left. I discovered a way to salvage the leftover wax and it WORKS! All you need is a butter knife, and a wax warmer.

Make sure your wax is NOT hot. Grab your butter knife and start scraping the leftover wax inside the candle jar and place them on top of a warmer. Then, get a tea light candle and place it inside the warmer. (I got my warmer from the Dollar Tree and the tea light candle from Walmart.) Once the warmer gets hot enough, your wax will melt and you will start to smell that wonderful fragrance around your lovely home. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this quick DIY Hack. What are some hacks that you recently discovered?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas