My September Goals

When I think of the month of September, I think of all of the changes (Weather & Fall clothing) and of course PUMPKIN SPICE added to my Chai Tea Latte. Any who, the month of August went by so quick and although I completed everything that I needed to do, I basically woke up and went with the flow. It worked for me at the moment, BUT I felt like I was all over the place and found myself exhausted at the end of the day. For the month of September I want to set some goals.

September Goals

1) Read a book and finish it. (Read  1-2 chapters a night)

2) Do NOT take school work home

3) Me Day (mani/pedi, massage or facial)

4) Write 8 blog posts

5) lose 5lbs (eat healthier and workout 30 min daily)

It's best to set some realistic goals and not to overwhelm yourself with many tasks. 

What are some goals that you want to accomplish for the month of September?

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas