Day Date With My Husband

Driving around the town with my love 

Happy Labor Day guys! I'm so happy to be off! Although the weekend went by fast, I'm happy that I was able to get my household back in order and spend some quality time with my husband. I'm so grateful that we have family on both sides that are able to watch the girls if we need them too. However, my in-laws popped up on Sunday to pick up the girls for the day, and I decided to use that opportunity as a way to get out and spend some one on one time with my husband. 
You know you've been together too long when ANYTHING is fun lol. We literally got dressed up and went driving. First stop was Starbucks of course! We then walked around the mall and did some light shopping. We also went to get my wrist sized at Pandora and to also pick out my bracelet and charms. We then got lunch at Chipotle and came home and watched a movie on the couch. It felt really good to just spend some quality time together with no kids because WE DO EVERYTHING WITH THEM! One of the things we did together recently was stay at a resort, if you haven't read the blog, check it out here Mini Staycation at Hutchinson Island Resort.
For any couple that has kids and want to spend some quality time together, please do it. Spending time together as a couple is very important. Even if its sitting on the couch watching a tv show together. 
Here are some things you can as a couple WITHOUT the kids: Get creative and check Pinterest for ideas.

-Drive around a neighborhood you are interested in moving in one day and look at model homes.
-Drive around a couple of nearby cities 
-Go out to eat
-Go shopping
-Go to the beach
-Cook something together at home
-Watch a movie or TV show on the couch
-Play video games
-Spend alone time (Hint Hint) lol

What are some things you like to do with your significant other?
Later Love Bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas

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Cathy said…
Love it!! Anytime alone together is definitely always needed.