What led me to Teaching Kindergarten/First Grade

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Yes, You read the title correctly. I am teaching a blended classroom of kindergarteners and first graders. I have been teaching Pre-k for years with 20 children each time, now I only have 7 (Thank you Covid lol). This is something that I have to get used to because I was not expecting to teach those grades in the school setting I am in now. My dream and goal was to always be in an elementary school. HOWEVER, I knew the circumstances and the situation that the teachers are dealing with right now with teaching both on campus and virtual at the same damn time was not how I envisioned my first year to be. I personally want to be comfortable with my "first class" and not be distanced from them(if you understand what I'm saying). I love teaching but I don't feel like it was my time to be in that kind of setting as of yet. We'll see what happens next school year(hint hint).
As I stated in previous posts, the pandemic has really been a blessing for me. I was furloughed from my preschool I was at and its because I decided to stay home and be safe with my family. I had no hard feelings because I was not hurting lol (hint hint). Being home those 4 months opened up my eyes and really forced me to start looking at people and situations for what they were. I was very upset with a few things and people due to a lot of miscommunication and lies smh, however I don't take crap from anyone and I don't take teaching for granted. This is my passion and if I feel like I am not being appreciated for what I bring to the table (school) then there's a problem. Sometimes, the devil thinks he can get you by sending his little animals to distract you from your purpose. What he fails to know is, if you serve God, then you will ALWAYS come on top NO MATTER WHAT! 

A lot of things were not handled correctly and I'm happy that I was able to set the record straight and start over. I was asked to come back after I left :). Now, because of the pandemic and covid, a lot of the old parents from our school were very hesitant about bringing their children to the elementary school with the numbers of cases that kept rising up. The idea of opening a spare classroom for "staff kids" because most of them were in Kindergarten or First Grade was the original plan, however, word got around and some parents wanted to keep their kids at the school. I was asked if I wanted to teach since I have my degree and was looking into the school system prior to COVID, Of course I accepted with a few changes and concerns that I felt needed to be met before I could fully commit. When I tell you God knows my heart and what was meant for me because a lot of changes transpired in the few months when he was working on my situation. He knew what and who I did not want to be around and it shifted QUICK. When I made my vision board back in January with a kindergarten classroom on it, I assumed it would be at the elementary school but God had other plans. He gave me what I wanted and needed at the same time. I'm still trying to figure out why I'm there but I know its God that placed me here.

I am honestly very happy and content with my class. For one, I know some of them from my prek and the other class from last school year. We are very familiar with one another. I am comfortable there because it is a smaller setting and its only 7 children. I am winging it right now because everything is fairly new and I am making up work from different resources and the students are actually understanding and making my job very easy. I can't wait to start teaching them how to read and write neatly :). It is very challenging to teach both grades and teach children with different learning styles but I am willing to try. My Motto this year is "Go With The Flow." It is not much different from Pre-K except they need to be reading by the end of the year and my first graders should already be reading in which they are. I know its only week 3 but I am confident for this school year and I am motivated to learn something new each and every day. This was somewhat of a venting/long post, but a lot of inquiring minds wanted to know the situation, and I was not ready to speak on it until the class opening was official and the other situation was gone :)

I am still in awe at this situation because only someone who is passionate about teaching will understand the feeling. 

What are you passionate about and why are you passionate about it?

Later Love Bugs, 
Elizabeth Jacas


Latoya said…
Well said Professor!!! I’m so proud of you and all that you do. I will uplift you and will continue to do so. It’s your time!!! So shine! God never makes mistakes, very beautiful Liz. :)
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Thank you so much... You are right! God never makes mistakes. We both have a purpose in this setting. "Breaking Barriers"
Shorty said…
I am so proud of you Liz... You are an awesome teacher and role model to your coworkers and 2 little girls. I wish you nothing but the best and I know your faith in God will take to places you never imagined.
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Aww, thank you. That means a lot!
This sounds awesome! If you need any help with k/1 resources/ curriculum let me know.
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Yes, I do need some help with resources. Thank you so much, I will definitely reach out.
ASIA said…
Awesome. Congrats Liz
Elizabeth Jacas said…
Thank you so much Asia!!!