What Brought Me Joy This Past Week (Week 3)

This week has really been a non stop one for me. My body is still adjusting to working outside of the home for 8 hours and still working on my own side hustles. I still find time to reflect and sit quietly with God and just thank him for what he has done me this past week. As you all know, I find 3 things that brought me joy for the week, and I reflect on that because it is so easy to be upset with what went wrong and lose sight on what blessings we have right in front of our eyes. 
1) My Job: 
There is back story and history on my job, but that is for another blog lol. I am grateful that I was able to start back working after 4 months (Pandemic). I was not suppose to be at this school BUT, God had other plans for me. I am taking this as a blessing and a reason. I am truly grateful for everything that has happened within the first week of me being there. My prayers were definitely answered more ways than one.

2) Remote Learning
I am very grateful that my husband's work schedule is flexible and he creates his own hours. We have decided to keep our daughters at home and not bring them to school. We do not want to take any risks in having them exposed to Corona while being on campus. I feel comfortable with them being home and learning at the same time. As parents, it is hard to make decisions like that, but we have to sacrifice for our children's best interest and that is my top priority.

3) Staycation With The Family
I had a great mini getaway with my husband and daughters this past weekend. Sometimes when I feel so down and out, just spending time with them, makes me feel so special and complete. This staycation was very much needed for all of us and we have regrouped and relaxed. I love family time.

What has brought you guys joy this past week?  Always look for the good in any situation. Be grateful for all that God has blessed you with.
Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


Kam said…
Looks like a nice place to relax
EJewels said…
I’m so happy you decided to do what’s best for your family and that everything is going so well. I love it! But... sis!! How are that back story?! lol