Book of The Month (May)


It's the end of the month and I always reflect on the book that I have read for the month. For the month of May, I read "Jump" by Steve Harvey. I heard so many great things about this book and I just wanted to read it for myself. Maaaaaaaaaaan, let's just say I read this book in two days. Granted, the book is only 6 chapters but they are pretty long ones.

This book is about taking that leap of faith. Have you ever heard  of the saying "closed mouths don't get fed"? That's what I thought about when I read this book. Steve talked about his struggles before  the fame and how he overcame them. 

After reading this book, It was confirmation for me to take that "leap of faith" with everything in my life. I know I can do more and be a better me. Everyone is not going to be there as a support system and we all have to understand and accept that. You have to believe in yourself and do the proper work. Even if that means sacrificing a few things. Steve always knew that he wanted to be on Television. He said  back when he was in school, one of his teachers told him he would never be on TV because he stuttered and couldn't read.  Let me explain something to you guys, Steve is in his 60's and he still remembers that conversation til this day. How dare someone put someone else's dreams down and tell they can't do something? That is ridiculous. This guy was homeless, slept in his car and all. Fast forward to now, he is very successful oh and on TV lol. I'm pretty sure that was also his motivation to be a star.

This book has motivated me to go beyond what I believe I am capable of. I am looking at everything in a different perspective. Things that might have gotten me upset or in a negative mindset, no longer validates me. I look at every "bad" situation as a lesson that I needed to learn or as a blessing in disguise because something better is coming along. 

If any one is looking for a motivational, inspirational, and spiritual book to read, go ahead and get it. You will not be disappointed. 

I used to always purchase books, but now,  I'm somewhat of a minimalist, so I get all of my books from the library lol. You can take the route I took or purchase it for yourself. I have the link for his book on Amazon. 

Later Love Bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas

College Graduate


As I sit back and watch all of the people who are graduating right now under these circumstances, it made me remember when I graduated just a few months before this pandemic happened. I thought getting married and having children was an accomplishment.  To me, it's a blessing. However, graduating college when I didn't think I had it in me is an accomplishment.  My track record in school was not always good. I made a few wrong decisions and definitely hung out with the wrong crowd. smh.

Even though I attended college before because my parents "forced" me to go after high school, I wasn't committed nor was I focused. I had to go on my own terms and I honestly did not know when or how that would happen. I knew I wanted to graduate college and become a teacher but it had to be on my own time and when I was ready. 

After I got married, had my two girls, and moved to a new town with a new job, I realized I wanted more and I wanted my daughters to see their mom commit herself to her education and obtain a degree all while working full-time and being a mom and wife. 

I am still in awe that I am the FIRST in my family to obtain a college degree. This degree is not only for me, but it is for my parents, my brothers, my husband, and my daughters.

The years that I spent in school was very hard. I worked full-time and then when I came home, I had to take care of the girls and do my classwork until 11:59pm(when assignments were due). We didn't really go out as much anymore because I really wanted to focus and get good grades. One in which because I was paying out of pocket for my classes.I couldn't afford to fail a class. 

But the hardest part of it all was in 2017 when my dad took sick and I had to stay strong and focus on my schooling at the same time. My school was very supportive because I did get extensions on assignments so that I could go visit him at the hospital and the times he was home. Then reality kicked in on May 7, 2017 he passed away and it was finals week. Everyone was shocked that I still maintained an A that semester and I honestly do not know where I got the strength from, but I had a push of determination and If I wasn't sure about getting that degree before, I sure as h*** was sure now that he was gone. I wanted to get my degree in his honor because he pushed education in our household for as long as I can remember. I am happy that I didn't keep me going back to school a secret for too long from my parents. At least he knew that I was back in school. It was only right that for one of my graduation pictures, I HAD to include him. 

I just want to say this to anyone who is debating on attending college, yes it is a lot of work, yes it is hard, yes it may or may not cost you a grip, yes you will be stressed but make sure you choose the right degree and also make sure that YOU are ready. Don't let someone pressure you into attending  if you know you are not fully going to commit. If you are around people that are in college or graduating and you feel like you should too, don't rush it. Let them inspire or motivate you into going, not pressure you. 

With that being said, CONGRATS TO THE CLASS OF 2020 despite with what's going on, YOU GUYS DID IT!!!

Later Love Bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas

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Stop Trusting Them... It's Business


Trust is a big word and unfortunately it is used too lightly. Intuition is a serious thing and people ignore it all the time  When you doubt a certain situation or person....TRUST YOUR GUT!!!

Watching the news and reading articles about the pandemic has made me lose respect for those big and small business owners who are taking advantage of their employees and not caring about their well-being. I am hearing some sad situations where staff are not getting paid but yet the owners get approved for loans,(Where is the money really going?), there are employees waking up everyday to go work at places that shouldn't even be open, but they go and risk their lives while the owners are home quarantined with family, and the list goes on. 
It is mind blowing how someone works for a company, gives them their all, and the moment that ish hits the fan, the employee just becomes a number.  

I already heard of a "business owner" on the news going to jail for not paying his employees after getting the loan. He purchased cars, jewelry etc.  The money is NOT for materialistic expenses. I wonder how many more are actually doing this to their staff right now as we speak. 

On a positive note, I am seeing more businesses are opening up and people are getting back to work, that's what's up. Please don't forget to keep the same precautions. Wear gloves, masks, keep hand sanitizer close by, wash your hands frequently and remain 6 feet apart. 

 I hope that whoever is reading this and may be going through this situation or similar to it will trust their gut and start making some moves. 

Later Love Bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas

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Productive vs. Busy


Hey guys, have you ever wondered what people meant by saying they're "busy"? I never thought about it until recently when I caught myself telling my daughters that "Mommy is busy" when they wanted something. What made me catch myself was when my youngest said that I wasn't really busy at all. She was right. I was on my phone and watching a show on my laptop Smh. 

This really made me stop and think how much time we actually waste! 

Being busy DOES not mean you are being productive. A busy person in my opinion is someone who is juggling multiple things at once with no sense of time management or organizational skills. This can lead to burn out and stress. You can literally spend your whole day being  "busy" but yet still feel like nothing was done at the end of the day.  Whereas being productive, you set a time frame for things to get done, you create  "to do lists", you prioritize your list from most important to least important and so forth. 

Before this pandemic, I thought I was being productive because  I was busy. But in reality, I was actually burned out by the end of the day and I would always say to my husband that I feel like I didn't accomplish anything today. Even though, I went to work, came home, cooked, clean, took care of the girls, studied or read a book, I still didn't feel like I did anything. I wanted to start working on creating my blog page and other projects but I was so tired and put it on the back burner for another day or so.

Now,  I started self reflecting and really getting in tune with myself, I realized that I needed to find a purpose in what I was doing throughout the day. Yes, my family and work is my purpose, but I mean overall.

What worked for me was literally creating a "to do list" and a time frame on everything that I can control. I prioritized each category and marked them off as they were accomplished. If I had a project or task that needed to be done by a certain day, I started on it right away, I worked on it little by little each day and by the time it was  due, I was all done. 

My views on a lot of things have clearly changed and I am here to let you know that these steps actually work.  I feel so motivated to do more, and I actually feel like there is more time in the day for me to spend with my husband and girls. Another thing that has helped with this productive lifestyle, is waking up before everyone in the household. I try to get up everyday at least by 6:30am the latest. I know some of you are thinking "heck no" but I promise you that by 10am, all of my important tasks are completed. plus, what's sleep if you're on the grind right?

Don't let these crazies tell you that being busy is winning. In fact, it is not. Being productive is Winning. 

Don't Work Hard, Work Smart

Later love bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas
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Views on Distant Learning as a Parent and Teacher


Every school system across America is going through a hard time right now. With a blink of an eye the way our children learn and the way our educators teach has changed. This situation is still somewhat confusing and shocking to me. It has made myself and I'm pretty sure every other individual a little on edge. As a parent, it is a lot because I have two children.One in Kindergarten and one in the Fourth grade. The assignments for the both of them are completely different and are due on different days. It can get a little overwhelming.  (Thank God, I'm a planner girl lol).

When the idea of distant learning came about, I really did not think it was going to work because we honestly do not know what goes on in every one's home and we do not know if the parents/guardians are even capable of becoming homeschool teachers literally overnight. The idea of teaching my daughters at home was not too much of a big deal for me because I work with my daughters all the time and I am also an educator. Although, I am not in the school system as a certified teacher, I am a prek teacher with a degree in education. I know what I need to do to help my girls succeed. However, I must think about the children at home whose parents/guardians are not able to help at home. It must be very hard. 

The amount of work my Fourth grader has is A LOT.  I want to say it is more than she was getting when she was physically in the classroom. Whereas, my Kindergartner has easy work(Thank God). In the beginning, I was getting upset and irritated with the fact that my Fourth grader couldn't get all of her work done. I chose to not wake her up at 8am everyday to do assignments on the computer for hours at a time. We may not  fully think about this, but our kids are also affected by this transition. It hurts me to think that school was probably some of these children safety net and only time when they would eat a nutritious meal and snack. My daughters are good, but I know they miss being social and just having somewhere to go ESPECIALLY after school care. They love it!!! So the idea of waking them up early was a "no no" for me. 

My thought process eventually did change because although I am a parent first and I was thinking about other parents and what they must be going through, I then thought about the teachers and how this may affect them as well.  Yes, they are still getting paid which is a great thing. However, speaking from a teacher's point of view( this can easily be me in a few months when I go into the school system). I can't imagine the loads of information and lessons that they have to push out to the students and parents all while not being able to know if ALL of the students will do their work, not knowing if your challenged students will get the concept, not knowing if your ELL students and parents understand what is being asked of them, and the list definitely doesn't stop here. Let's not start on the zoom meetings lol. I have heard plenty of horror stories from teacher friends lol. Let's just say the "Mute" button is a great tool. lol

As I have been preaching from the day I started my blog page, this pandemic has really OPENED my eyes and I knew I had the power of discernment but NOW, I really get to sit still, reflect, and observe everyone and everything around me for what it truly is. Being a parent is hard and so is being a teacher. There was a always a stigma about parents ONLY relying on teachers to teach their children. Well now, parents and teachers have to really come together and collaborate in order for their children to succeed. 

I will leave you all with this, with everything that is going on, let this be a reminder that everything can change in a blink of an eye and your life will change drastically. Put yourselves in other peoples shoes and just think how you would feel if you were them. Let that sink in. 

Later Love Bugs
Elizabeth Jacas💗💗💗
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My Springtime Scents


Although Winter is my favorite season, I must say Spring is a close second. There is something about spring cleaning, flowers blooming, and light rain showers that makes me feel really calm inside. The warm temperatures and the refreshing cold drinks while sitting out in the patio is so relaxing as well. 

How about coming inside a clean and decluttered home after a long day at work or the gym? That is always good! Especially when you know you had so many things to get rid of lol. 

What I like to do after doing a deep clean or come home after a long day out, is burn some candles and light up some wax melts. Those two things are magic when they are combined. The aroma throughout the whole apartment is amazing. These are my go to scents for the springtime and GUESS WHAT?!? The candles were ONLY $3.33 and the wax melts were $2.00 at Walmart. YES, you read it right, WALMART! I am slowly getting a little collection going but here are staples below: 


  • Pineapple Lily  11.5oz - $3.33

  • Cranberry Mandarin  11.5oz - $3.33

  • Sweet Apple  11.5oz - $3.33

                       Wax Melts

  • Meyer Lemon Basil  2.5oz- $2.00

  • White Peach Mango  2.5oz- $2.00

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My New Skin Care Products


My New Skin Care Products

Hey guys, I'm back again with another blog post. I don't know about you, but this quarantine has made me super busy and time has been going by so fast.  Im super grateful for this break and being home with my family. I am able to focus on ALL the things that I feel like I didn't have time to do when everything was fast paced. One of the things I have been able to focus on is my skin care routine. Before I start, my skin is not bad at all. No acne, no pimples, or uneven skin tones. However, I feel like my skin can get dry at times and be in need of some hydration. I have been on the hunt for the perfect combination for skin care. I used quite a few different products with no results.

Searching online and on Instagram, I came across a lot of people posting about Neutrogena products. I have noticed that a few of their products promotes a "hydration boost" and that is what I need.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser is MY holy grail. That is the only cleanser I use on my face and when I tell you it removes all of my make up and dirt, its not even funny. It also has my face feeling very fresh.

I have also been using the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. This is to make sure my face is replenished after a cleanser. It also shrinks pores. (we don't like huge pores).What I love about using toners is that it adds another level of skin protection. Disclaimer: It says "Alcohol-Free", but it still stings a little.

I also have the Hydro Boost Serum which makes my face have a glow and it also feels very soft. I haven't seen any significant changes to my face. I will give it a few more uses and do a follow up.

Lastly, is the Oil Free Moisturizer, although my melanin skin creates its own oils, I still use a little bit of it for extra protection. Living in Florida it is always sunny and hot and I need to protect this face lol.

If you guys are interested in any of these products you can click on the name of the products and it will direct you to Neutrogena's website or you can check on Amazon. That's where I got mine from.

Later love bugs :)

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