What Should Your Kids First Pet Be And Why?

6/15/2021 Stuart, FL, USA

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Why Should Every Child Have A Pet?

    Before I start this post, I must give a disclaimer... I AM AFRAID OF ANIMALS lol. So the fact that my kids have one is very funny to me. I do however feel like every kid should have some type of pet. Whether it is a fish, hamster, rabbit, dog, or cat. I do believe it should be something small and easy to maintain for the time being. Having a pet can boost children's confidence. They will also have a sense of responsibility. 

What Pet Did We Get?

    Well, we got a... Hamster. She is such a cutie patootie. Her name is "Coco Chanel"lol...but we mostly call her Chanel. First things first, my kids paid for everything themselves. Don't come for me lol... They are learning how to be responsible and save up for what they want. They are really good at saving their money. She was purchased at Petco and she was only $17. The girls. put their money together and bought a cage, food, wood chips (so it can chew on) and a ball to roll around the apartment so it can get its exercise on. 

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Hamster

    Although Hamsters are cute they are very scary especially coming to a new home. The sales associate told us to not hold it for at least two to three weeks so that it can be used to its new environment and used to our voices. (I have no trouble with that lol). The starter cage comes with bedding (the white stuff in the picture). The sales associate told me to change it at least once a week or when need be (he said I would know when its time lol). I must say after day 3 of having her, I did need to change the bedding... She was stinky lol. One thing that is kind of annoying is that hamsters DO NOT SLEEP at night. They are nocturnal. They will play and make so much noise in that cage for hours. Then when you wake up in the morning, that thing is sleep lol. As of right now, we are all scared of her but hopefully we will all warm up to her and hold her. I was also told that when they bite it hurts. I have seen her teeth and those things are long and sharp... that's where the wood chips come in, they are supposed to help in filing the teeth down. Besides that, I think a Hamster would make a great first pet scared or not. I think I can be okay with not holding it and knowing my girls, they won't hold it either.

    Here are some of the items I purchased for our Hamster. 

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    Do you have a pet? What was your first pet? Let me know.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Our Summer With The Avenli Pool -Elizabeth Jacas


    We purchased an Avenli pool 

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    Ya'll when I tell you we are going to try so many new things this summer, I mean everrrrrything! The other day, my husband had a grand idea of having our own mini pool in our patio. Sometimes, we don't feel like going to the pool in our complex, we just want to be in the comfort of our own home and by ourselves. 
We ordered the Avenli Pool from Amazon and it was very inexpensive. There are quite a few different sizes, we just got what worked for our size family and we took into consideration of the size of our patio.

What it includes

    This pool does NOT include a pump so we purchased one at Walmart. Also, we don't have a water hose because we are in an apartment, so we had to fill buckets of water from our tub to fill up this pool. LOTS OF WORK. If you have a backyard and a water hose, then you will be fine lol. My husband took plenty of trips to fill this pool up. But it was definitely worth it.


    We love this pool and we want to keep it for a long time. My husband did some research on how to maintain pool water, and because its not that big, the maintenance is very minimal. We took a trip to our local pool store and bought a bottle of chlorine, a spa cleanser, and test strips. Since our pool is not that big, we only use an ounce or two of chlorine once a week. It's very easy work to keep the water clean and keep us safe from any bacteria etc.

What do we think?

    We love our pool. In fact, our daughters are in there for hours at a time. It is well worth our money and we purchased it at great time to kick off summer break. I highly recommend this pool. 

First Time Visiting A Food Truck Event ( Summer To Do List)


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        One of the things that I wanted to do this summer was to visit at least one food truck event in my city or nearby. I also have a list of other ideas for the summer check out my other blog post   Fun Things To Do As A Family This Summer Our family has never been to one and when I saw that there was an event that occurs only on the first Friday of the month, I knew we would be able to visit and give it a shot. 


It was quite a turn out especially for this quiet town. I thought there could've been more trucks but I guess for the amount of people there, it was okay. We only purchased food from two trucks. A Jamaican one and a Wings one.  In my opinion, if you are dealing with customers and they are PAYING you, then your energy should be different. 

My rice tasted like "leftovers"and it was hard. The chicken was not seasoned like how I would do it and the "hairs" from the chicken wings was still on there (smh). The cabbage was definitely bagged cabbage from Publix or something lol.



    My husband tried the boneless bbq wings and fries. The chicken in our opinion was just sautéed and smothered in bbq sauce. I did not taste any seasonings at all. I feel like the food could've been better. The fries definitely tasted like deep fryer oil. That is also a "no" for us. 

    One thing I would say is that this monthly event is something good to do with family and friends. It's a good environment to just go out and have a good time.  I am also happy to see a lot of entrepreneurs handling their business. But like I stated, the ones we purchased from, could've been a little more friendly. IF we decide to go again, we will not go to those two trucks. A taco truck is next on my summer list.



Have you ever ate at a food truck? How was your experience?
Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas