You Choose Your Own Happiness...Nobody Else Does!


 Ever heard the saying  "People can't make you happy" I am pretty sure you have. Now, there is a difference between family and friends that can make you happy. I get that, but even they let you down at some point. I am talking about true happiness from within that only you can give yourself. When I was younger, I always looked to individuals for happiness... I felt like I couldn't have fun or do anything without being around someone or a group of people. When my husband and I first started dating I use to always get upset with him for the smallest things and he always told me "I can't always make me happy" I have to make myself happy. He sometimes tells me that now too. I have been thinking really hard about this topic because we do not know how many people are secretly fighting with this issue. I had a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day and she expressed to me how she isn't happy. I felt compelled to speak life into her because living everyday in a depressing state must not be good. I know quite a few people including myself that feels trapped sometimes and most of it comes from "parenting" we are TIRED lol. Simple as that. I can say I started putting myself first last year during the pandemic. It was then when I realized how happy I started becoming and less stressed when I did that. I started researching ways to be more relaxed and less stressed, and more importantly.... HAPPY. Below, I have written down a few tips on what makes me happy and what steps I am still taking to make this an active lifestyle. You can take some tips that works for you and leave the rest... 

    Remember, this what I do and what works for me :) 

Treat Yourself
    Sometimes, we just need a little TLC... 
-I enjoy getting my nails done with a pedicure ALONE lol. I sometimes take my girls with me, but majority of the time it's me by myself. 

-I also enjoy bubble baths with wine... It's a vibe!!!! Set your mood (candles, music, or bring the laptop in the bathroom and watch a show or a movie).

- I have also just became a plant mom. I heard great things about plants and how they make us feel. 

-Another thing, if your pockets let you, take yourself shopping... Buy something for YOURSELF... I usually buy home decor or treat myself to some clothes etc. ONLY IF YOUR POCKETS LET YOU....We still got bills and mouths to feed sis lol...

Self-Care From Within
     I am still working on this. 
-Sit in silence first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. 

-If you don't have one already, purchase a journal and use it as a gratitude journal. I suggest writing 3-5 things you are grateful for everyday and you will see how your energy and mood shifts. 

-Mediation is also very helpful. It helps you to relax however, make sure you are not distracted... this is an issue that I have now. My mind wanders... (I'm still a work in progress).  

-Stretching and Yoga is good too. I fell off with this, but I remember when I use to do it along with meditating, I was relaxed and felt happier throughout the day. 

AFFIRMATIONS and MANIFESTATIONS....Speak good things to yourself. You want to be happy say this "I love how happy I am" "I WILL be happy"

    Another IMPORTANT factor in being happy is to do what the hell you want! If it makes you happy and you or anyone else is not getting hurt... DO THE DAMN THING. Buy that luxury purse, go on that trip, go to that new restaurant, change your phone number, get that new apartment/house, purchase that car... unfollow, mute, or block that person or people from social media etc...THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

I know happiness is hard to come by especially if life struggles prohibit you from it. Always seek professional help if you can't seem to shake it off...  

If you haven't already, I wrote an eBook on how to manage your self within... basically getting your "ish" together and not feeling bad about it. You Got This Girl! is available on Amazon... You can either click the link here or on the side bar. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

To be or not to be...A TEACHER


     Hey guys. It has been tugging at my heart to write this post. In fact, I was in bed when the idea popped into my mind, and I just got up quick and started writing. By the looks of the title I know you are wondering what I am talking about. "To be or not to be a teacher" I am pretty sure that question has been asked at least one time by every educator on this planet. I know I find myself asking this question on the regular. I want to share some insight on the doubt we all seem to have when it comes to teaching. Some of you may take it and some of you may not, and that is totally okay with me. My motto is to "take what you need and leave what you don't" 

    As educators, it is very hard to balance home and the classroom because often times, we are taking work home. Whether it be grading papers, creating an arts and craft project, or making a gift for the class because we love them oh so much... either way there is no boundary...NO limit. Sometimes, it's just the stress from work that we bring home too. Such as a misbehaved student, a student that is not giving effort, tough parents, or something dealing with colleagues. 

    In all of my years working in this field, I have dealt with any and everything you can think of. You know how people say "It takes a special person to become a teacher" It is true. We are superheroes. However, Superheroes get tired too, superheroes have self doubt too, and superheroes are human!!!! 

When I was a PreK teacher, I taught without even trying. It wasn't a thought, I just did it. It was so easy I could do it with my eyes closed. But guess what, its not until this school year teaching K-1 that I was starting to feel challenged. Remind you this is new to me and I have no experience teaching elementary aged students. I have subbed here and there but it is not the same. I have to create lesson plans from scratch, plan activities, teach the students how to read, create my own assessments and the list goes on. When you really think about it, it is scary lol. From August all the way until now (February) I have been feeling insecure and scared about what I am doing in my classroom. After evaluating, I also realized there were some other things that inspired this feeling. Below I am going to share some things that made me doubt my teaching and what is helping me get through the doubt and hopefully anyone who may be feeling this way too. 

Comparison (For Show vs. Reality)

    I honestly think that this is a huge problem with educators this day and age. We find ourselves comparing our teaching skills to someone else's. Aside from my lifestyle blogger Instagram, I have a teacher Instagram and to be honest, sometimes I get overwhelmed on there because I see teachers making this thing look easy. They are so creative. Making shirts, stickers, planning fun activities, recording every minute of themselves teaching in the classroom. Let's not start with the classroom decor and the list goes on. However, I have come to realize especially being on social media, no one is going to show the "bad" side of things...only the good. Now, I am not saying that what these teachers post online or what have you is not real, I am just saying that sometimes even though the classroom looks well put together and the teacher creates cool activities, does his/her students understand what is being taught to them? Are they grasping the information at hand? Are the students being recognized for who they are as individuals? etc. We never truly know. The grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Stop comparing, and teach how YOU want to teach. You know your students as well as their needs in YOUR classroom.

Testing and Certification

    If you ask me, I wish certification testing would be banned. I feel like this test is rigged and its hard to pass. Thankfully for me, I passed some and I know what to expect the next time I go for the test. However, I feel like the way teachers should be tested is by being in a classroom and their experience. There are some GREAT teachers out here that are still having a hard time passing the exam and I don't think its fair to test them based solely on the books and remove them from the classroom if they fail. This can really place a negative mindset on a teacher if they fail any part of the exam. What I suggest is, taking each test one part at a time. Do not get overwhelmed by studying each subtest. Choose one, study, take the exam, PASS... then do it all over again until ALL is complete and passed. Another suggestion, is gaining a relationship with colleagues who can help you with advice on what they did to pass the test and the most IMPORTANT thing in my opinion, is to gain a relationship with the principal. Show him/her your dedication and motivation for teaching. 

Truth is...

        Sometimes when we doubt ourselves and our ability to teach... Really take a look at the children and their reaction to us when they enter the classroom. DO they run and give us a hug, do they come and talk to us about EVERYTHING! lol, best of all, do we catch the "ah-ha" moment when it finally clicked, do the parents send emails and messages to us thanking us for all of our hard work and how proud they are to see their child reading or writing sentences etc. I think doubt will always play a factor because we are human, but I believe that when we catch those remarkable moments, I just know that we ARE in the RIGHT profession. 

"The fact that you worry about being a good teacher, means that you already are one" -Jodi Picoult


How To Style Knotless Box Braids


    Happy Saturday!! I thought it would be a cool idea to share some cute hairstyles that I think would be beneficial to anyone that has braids and is in a standstill on how to style it. One thing about black women hair and our braids is that they are so versatile. We can switch it up and it will look good each time. Here are my top 7 go to braid styles, I hope that you like them and try to incorporate them with your braids too. 

This style is basically an everyday hair do, but I feel like it can be dressed up too with a nice hair clip.

When I did this style, I was definitely listening to Janelle Monae. I was really vibing to her music lol. This to me can be an elegant style as well.  

I call this style "Poetic Justice" lol... I mean what else would I call it? lol My husband liked this too. This is definitely a vibe hair do. Lounging at home, quick lunch date with friends. 

This is similar to the Janelle Monae style. The front is a little lower and the front is braided instead of twisted.

For some reason when I styled this, I was getting summer or beach vibes. I just took a couple of braids and twisted them back to the middle of my hair.

This is my second favorite style... I get grocery store vibes or running some errands around the town.

This style I like to call "Elegance" I feel like this can be worn for a date night or even a special occasion such as a wedding. Throw on a nice dress, some heels, and makeup and you are good to go.

Here is a Reel I created on Instagram showing off my braids. Click the link....

How To Style Knotless Braids

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her



Valentine's Day is right around the corner and although I am not really big on it, there might be some women who are.  After some research, I created a small gift guide on what the special lady in your life might want. It doesn't necessarily have to be a significant other, these gifts can be for your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, daughter, cousin, friend etc. Here are some ideas below....

Breakfast In Bed

Staycation at a local resort

Relaxing massage

Bouquet of Lottery scratch off tickets

Designer Perfumes

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Elizabeth Jacas