How To Style Knotless Box Braids

    Happy Saturday!! I thought it would be a cool idea to share some cute hairstyles that I think would be beneficial to anyone that has braids and is in a standstill on how to style it. One thing about black women hair and our braids is that they are so versatile. We can switch it up and it will look good each time. Here are my top 7 go to braid styles, I hope that you like them and try to incorporate them with your braids too. 

This style is basically an everyday hair do, but I feel like it can be dressed up too with a nice hair clip.

When I did this style, I was definitely listening to Janelle Monae. I was really vibing to her music lol. This to me can be an elegant style as well.  

I call this style "Poetic Justice" lol... I mean what else would I call it? lol My husband liked this too. This is definitely a vibe hair do. Lounging at home, quick lunch date with friends. 

This is similar to the Janelle Monae style. The front is a little lower and the front is braided instead of twisted.

For some reason when I styled this, I was getting summer or beach vibes. I just took a couple of braids and twisted them back to the middle of my hair.

This is my second favorite style... I get grocery store vibes or running some errands around the town.

This style I like to call "Elegance" I feel like this can be worn for a date night or even a special occasion such as a wedding. Throw on a nice dress, some heels, and makeup and you are good to go.

Here is a Reel I created on Instagram showing off my braids. Click the link....

How To Style Knotless Braids

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas