How To Set Realistic Goals...


Hey y'all. Happy Tuesday! We are 12 days in the new year and it is usually the 2nd week of January, that people start to fall off on their new year resolutions (goals). Most of the time, people set their goals right before January 1st because it is "trending" The question is, are you setting them for the sake of just making them  or are you serious about them because either way, you have to do the work. It goes back to manifesting. You can claim everything you want all day, but if you are not doing the work needed to get those things, it's useless. A major issue that I see about goal setting and I know this because I too use to make this mistake. The mistake is setting unrealistic goals. For example, saying you want to be "rich" in 1 month is unrealistic. I mean, if yo u do something that went viral or closed a major deal then dang... YOU DID THAT. But, we know that reaching that goal is like finding a "needle in a haystack" Below, I am sharing a few tips on how I set realistic goals and hopefully this will help you out.

1) Get a journal that inspires you

I know it may sound weird, but trust me. Having a cute inspiring journal that you jot down your goals in will motivate you to work on your goals. It really works for me. I have a "catch all" journal. I write down  all of thoughts, goals, books I read, my feelings etc. You can find cute journals at Target, Tjmaxx or even Marshalls.

2) Choose a time frame based on your goal(s)

As I stated before about being "rich" in 1 month.... That is NOT smart to put that much pressure on yourself. Depending on your goals you should do short term and long term goals. short term can be anywhere from 3-6 months or 6-12 months which would be an idea of "short term" where as long term could be 2-5 years. Like I said, it all depends on your situation. I personally do not set goals for more than a year, but I do have an idea of what and where I want to be in those years time line(if that makes sense).

3) Reward Yourself

Another thing that helps me with my goals is the reward I give myself when they are accomplished. 9/10if you know you will be happy with your reward, then 9/10 you will set realistic goals that will be easier to achieve. You have something to push you as well as motivate you.


This should have been number 1, but I am saving the best for last. In order to set some realistic goals, you must be intentional. Example, if you want to lose weight. Don't just say that. Be specific on how you are going to lose the weight. Are you going to make healthier food choices, are you going to join a gym?, are you going to work out from home 3 days a week for 30 min?, you need to set those intentions on your goals.

Are you ready to set some realistic goals? Let me know your thoughts. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas