Celebrating 100 Days of School


    On Monday, We celebrated 100 days of school! Time has really been flying by. For those of you that doesn't know how "fun" this day is, let me explain.... For 100 days of school, students, educators, and administration have the choice of dressing up as an old person, or wearing a shirt with 100 things on it. I thought it would be more fun for my class to dress up as an old person. As you can see with the picture up above lol. This day is filled with learning BUT, fun learning. Each assignment that the students did that day was used someway somehow with "100" mixed in. It's like a party day at school. Our playground was being worked on, so the outdoor activities I wanted to do was out the door. Here are some pictures of the activities we did that day.

Of course, we had to add Arts and Crafts to the mix... The students all made "100 days smarter" headbands.

I don't know about you teachers, but my class loves working on "Ten Frames" For this activity, the children all had a worksheet with 10 "Ten Frames" they used Fruit Loops, Marshmallows, and Chocolate Chips to make "100" and after they were done, they got to eat the treats. :)

This student made the number "100" using a graham cracker and 2 fudge stripe cookies. He is also doing a shape scavenger hunt. The shapes are all hidden inside the number "100"

My Daughter also celebrated "100 days of school" at her elementary school. They were told to create a shirt, and here is what we came up with. :)

    Did you guys celebrate "100 days of school" at your school or classroom? If any of you want to know where I got my worksheets from check out https://www.teacherspayteachers.com and in the search bar just type in "100 days of school worksheets"you can also check Pinterest for some cool ideas too :)

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Elizabeth Jacas

Review | Museum of Illusions on Lincoln Road



To end my birthday week, I planned for my family and I to take a mini trip to Miami and visit the Museum of Illusions on Lincoln Road.  I have been seeing so many advertisements for this place and I was interested. I know they have a location in LA as well as San Fransisco. Here are a few things I liked and some things I felt could've been better. Remember, everything that I write is based only on MY opinion.

General admission is about $30 per person... we had a 10% discount coupon. For the 4 of us we paid $96.00. You can bring your own tripod or rent theirs for $10. I bought my own :) They are definitely following the mask and social distancing rules.The wait time was not too long and the staff were professional. Not that much friendly, but professional. The staff member that explained the rules of the place was informative.  To get the full 3D effects of the pictures, there are little camera stickers on the ground where the photographer takes the photo. Also, you have about 5 minutes to take your pictures and move on to the next room. What I like about each room is that they give you picture examples on how to do the poses for that particular theme.  Some themes were not that interesting for me or my husband to even take a picture. We did pass up a few theme rooms. I believe in total, there are about 40 themes. There is an arrow in which you have to follow to go to each room and the last room will lead you out. In the front of the Museum they have an attraction call "Smash it" you basically pay $15-20 to smash 3 dishes on a wall. Obviously my oldest daughter wanted to do it and we were celebrating her too (we have the same birthday). I don't think smashing 3 plates for that amount of money is reasonable. It should be added to the admission price. Overall, our experience was a 8/10.  Would I pay to go again, most likely no. That is a place where you only go one time and that's it. 

Here are a few pictures that we took. Enjoy!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

How To Balance Blogging While Working Full-time


    Life can get real busy especially if you have other endeavors a long with your 9-5. I am here to tell you that in order to maintain your sanity while grindin' you need to have balance. The tips that I am going to give you, has helped me with productivity and time management. speaking of which, I have written a blog post a few months back on "productivity" check it out here Productive vs. Busy 

Have a To Do List
Trust me, having a to do list is very important. How I do mine is, I set my tasks according to importance(priority). Depending on what I have to do for the day, I would either work on my easier tasks first and  tackle the harder ones next but, you can do vice versa.

Set a Day and Time
 Working a full-time job and wanting to pursue blogging is hard. Especially if you want to take your blogging to the next level. I still struggle with balancing but, I set dates for writing/editing, and posting a blog. I try to do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't guarantee that I would post it those days, but I make it a priority to try and post twice a week. There are apps that can also schedule your posting dates and times.

Grant Yourself Grace
Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything. Always remember no job is worth messing up your mental health. Your 9-5 is just that...don't come in any earlier or stay any longer. Your blog  should be something that makes you happy and not feel overwhelmed.

I hope these small tips will help you guys balance your blog and your full-time job.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas



How To Set Realistic Goals...



Hey y'all. Happy Tuesday! We are 12 days in the new year and it is usually the 2nd week of January, that people start to fall off on their new year resolutions (goals). Most of the time, people set their goals right before January 1st because it is "trending" The question is, are you setting them for the sake of just making them  or are you serious about them because either way, you have to do the work. It goes back to manifesting. You can claim everything you want all day, but if you are not doing the work needed to get those things, it's useless. A major issue that I see about goal setting and I know this because I too use to make this mistake. The mistake is setting unrealistic goals. For example, saying you want to be "rich" in 1 month is unrealistic. I mean, if yo u do something that went viral or closed a major deal then dang... YOU DID THAT. But, we know that reaching that goal is like finding a "needle in a haystack" Below, I am sharing a few tips on how I set realistic goals and hopefully this will help you out.

1) Get a journal that inspires you

I know it may sound weird, but trust me. Having a cute inspiring journal that you jot down your goals in will motivate you to work on your goals. It really works for me. I have a "catch all" journal. I write down  all of thoughts, goals, books I read, my feelings etc. You can find cute journals at Target, Tjmaxx or even Marshalls.

2) Choose a time frame based on your goal(s)

As I stated before about being "rich" in 1 month.... That is NOT smart to put that much pressure on yourself. Depending on your goals you should do short term and long term goals. short term can be anywhere from 3-6 months or 6-12 months which would be an idea of "short term" where as long term could be 2-5 years. Like I said, it all depends on your situation. I personally do not set goals for more than a year, but I do have an idea of what and where I want to be in those years time line(if that makes sense).

3) Reward Yourself

Another thing that helps me with my goals is the reward I give myself when they are accomplished. 9/10if you know you will be happy with your reward, then 9/10 you will set realistic goals that will be easier to achieve. You have something to push you as well as motivate you.


This should have been number 1, but I am saving the best for last. In order to set some realistic goals, you must be intentional. Example, if you want to lose weight. Don't just say that. Be specific on how you are going to lose the weight. Are you going to make healthier food choices, are you going to join a gym?, are you going to work out from home 3 days a week for 30 min?, you need to set those intentions on your goals.

Are you ready to set some realistic goals? Let me know your thoughts. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas


The 2nd Half of Teaching...



     Happy Friday! We officially are at the end of the work week. This week felt super long especially coming back to the classroom after being on Winter break for 2 weeks. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year day. My motto last year was "go with the flow" and this year I am keeping that motto but also adding "try your best" I am no longer stressing myself about what needs to be done in the classroom because I am THE ONLY one doing what needs to be done and all I can do is MY BEST. Luckily for me, I have a small group of children (thank God) and they catch on quick to what I teach. Working without any school resources or curriculum, is a big risk but the fact that I am teaching these children from the top of my head is another blessing in itself. It is confirmation that God knows this is for ME. It definitely isn't my ideal teaching situation, but this is great experience for when I get into the actual school system. I am beyond blessed because I have no help. I am finding so many resources online. Such as  Teachers Pay Teachers , Pinterest, Teacher Instagram Community , and teacher friends from my ideal school where I want to work have been very supportive in providing me with tools and advice on what I should be teaching. Not teaching from a curriculum has also made me run my classroom like how I was taught back in grade school. I find myself teaching more old school than the "new way" and I am also teaching "life skills" for example, how to be independent, using manners, thinking outside of the box, setting goals for themselves and the list goes on. 

    My dream has always been to be a Kindergarten Teacher. I love teaching that age group because they are just starting out into the world of "big kids" lol. They are still babies but not quite at the same time. They are like sponges at this point in their lives, and it is my job to teach them as much as possible in such a little time. The moment I see their "aha moment",  it makes me so proud and to know that even though it's a weird situation, I am doing the damn thing.  Like EVERYTHING in life, there are pros and cons. For the way I run MY classroom setting, I have more Pros than Cons....BUUUUUUUUT BAAAAAAAAAABBBBYYYYY, the other stuff......lol that's for another blog or maybe another eBook (shameless plug) lol. Anyway, I just want to say to anyone out there even if you are not in education.... Try your best....at the end of the day, if it's not your name on it, meaning if you don't own it... then don't stress. If you are an educator then focus on YOUR classroom and YOUR students. They matter. Your name is on that! "Try Your Best!!!"

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

    What is your motto for the New Year?  

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